Part 17

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Manik and his friends returned from the trip. Though Manik had been away only for a few days, it felt like a very long time for Nandini.

Nandini was very happy seeing Manik back. If she could let her heart rule over her mind, then she would have probably welcomed him with a tight embrace, but she controlled her emotions and stopped herself from doing so.

Nandini : "I am glad you are back. How was your trip?"

Manik : "Good."

Manik : "Did you miss me?"

Nandini : "I missed you a lot. How about you? Did you miss me?"

Manik : "No, I was busy enjoying with my friends. I didn't even have time to think about you."

Nandini face turned sad.

Manik : "Hey .. I was just kidding. I missed you a lot too. It would have been great if you would have joined us."

Manik took the necklace case he got for Nandini and gave it to her. Nandini opened it and saw the necklace.

Nandini : "Thank you! It is beautiful. How did you know that I like stars?"

Manik : "I have seen you looking at the stars so many times, so I thought you liked them. I can't get those stars for you, so I got you this."

Manik : "Why are you so fascinated with stars?"

Nandini : "Stars are shining always, though their is darkness all around. It gives the hope that no matter what happens in life, you can find a way out and things will turn out fine. That's what I have tried to believe in."

Nandini : "But they say that somethings are written in the stars. They are bound to happen, there is nothing we can do about it. We will have to just accept it and move on."

Manik : "Why are you talking like that Nandini? Did anything happen when I wasn't here?"

Nandini realized what she was telling and diverted the topic.

Nandini : "No.. nothing happened. I read about it in a book.

Nandini : "You came back just now. Go freshen up, then tell me all about your trip."

Manik freshened up and came back. Nandini was trying to wear the necklace he got for her, but she was struggling with the hook.

Manik : "Shall I help you with it?"

Nandini nodded in a yes and Manik helped her with it.

Days were passing by. Since there wasn't much time left for the divorce, Nandini informed her mom about the same. She wasn't sure how her dad would take it. So her mom took the responsibility of telling her dad about it when she finds the time is right.

Nandini's dad's company had stabilized, so Nandini decided to pursue her studies abroad where Navya was studying. This would give her mom more time to reveal the truth to her dad. Nandini thought a change of place might help her to move on too.

Manik informed his dad about the divorce. Since Raj knew Nyonika was in good health, he told Nyonika about it. Nyonika was shocked to hear it. She realized that if Manik was so stubborn to not accept Nandini as his wife even after so many months, there was no point in her forcing them to stay together. 

Days were passing by and the day they would get divorce was nearing. 

When Manik came home one evening, he didn't find Nandini anywhere. His phone beeped with a message from Nandini.

Nandini's message : "I won't be coming home today. My cousin is here, so I will be staying at my parent's place. Will be back tomorrow if possible. Please inform Mom too."

Nandini wasn't around for one day and Manik was already missing her. Nandini had become an integral part of Manik's life.

Next day, he received Alya's call, they decided to meet in the evening. While they were talking,

Alya : "I am so happy. A few more days and Nandini will be out of your life forever."

Hearing those words, Manik was in deep thoughts. He knew Nandini would be leaving soon. He also knew he would miss her. But now when he actually started missing her, the words "out of your life forever" started bothering him. He wasn't listening to Alya anymore.

When Alya didn't get any response from Manik, she figured out that he had not been listening to her. She got closer to him and touched him, this brought Manik out of his thoughts. When he saw Alya close to him, he felt uneasy. He himself didn't know the reason for that. He took her hand off him.

Manik : "I have to leave now. I have some important work. Will talk to you later."

Alya was very upset with Manik. Manik felt it, but he didn't stay back. He himself didn't know what was going on with him, so what will he tell her.

Manik reached home, but Nandini wasn't back yet. He was lying on his bed and Alya's words started echoing in his ears.

Manik's thoughts : "It is not even two days since Nandini is not here, I am already missing her badly. What am I going to do when she leaves?"

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