I've got your back and you got mine

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Louis POV

"NOOOO... CARROLLL!" I ran after Zayn. "Give her back!" I exclaimed while Zayn looked at me mockingly with a smirk on his lips. "No, do something for me first... or.." he slowly lowered Carrol near the balcony. "NO! Give her back!" I whined while I reached for her from Zayn's hands. Now, I didn't expect this, but he actually released her, and I pushed him out of the way to try to reach for her, but someone held me back and I almost punched him when I noticed it was Harry.

"Are you serious?" I hissed at him, and he just frowned and shook his head at me disapprovingly. "You could have fallen Louis, and you know it." he sassed back. I only sighed and screamed at the nearest pillow on the couch. "How could you Zayn?" I looked at him with a glare.

"Your murdered my Carrol!" I bellowed as I threw a pillow at him pushing him back a few strides. He said nothing, and just left silently without looking back. Yeah, I hope he feels bad now. He murdered my favourite, and 2nd favourite Carrol the carrot.

She was not like any other carrot I ever came across upon. She was special. Her delicate orangey skin, and sausage-like shape is what lead me to her, and eventually fell-in-love with. A single tear came down my eye as I stared hard at where Zayn was standing a few minutes ago.

I bet it Carrol still had many dreams, hopes, and faith that one day they'll allow a man-n'-carrot marriage, but NOOO.. she didn't. she died young. I felt really frustrated for a couple of hours, and finally decided that I won't speak to him till he gives me a proper apology. Period, Exclamation Point. Nothing can make me feel any better right now. NOTHING! I felt my hand throb a bit, and I winced. Crap, I forgot about the cast. I wish I wasn't hurt. I never really like feeling vulnerable and useless, considering I am the most buffed out of the whole group... though I sorta Liam's six-pack. How does he do it anyway? 

I felt utterly bored as I felt like nobody's was home right now. Where is everybody?

Harry POV

"Harry, you should've seen how furious he was." Zayn pouted as we got inside the car already wearing our infamous disguises. "It's alright, I'm sure he just needs some time alone." I assured him as I soothed his back and started the car.

"So where are we off to?" I ask Zayn as I remember him asking me to drive him places for Louis' sorry present pack. "The mall I guess." he shrugged at he stared blankly at the road. He chewed on his lips and bit his nails as he drummed on his knee on the other hand.

I guess he really felt bad about what he did that he is so worried that he might get the wrong thing. He wanted to make up with Louis. We're practically like family, and families don't just fight and hold grudges against one another for the wrong reason. 

A pang of guilt hit me also when I remembered seeing the blood dripping from him. He said it was okay and I didn't need to apologize. Louis always blamed himself if he is hurt. I never wanted for that to happen to him. Never in my life have I ever cared for anyone as much as Louis, and it makes no relevance that it was never my fault that he got hurt in the first place.

As we arrived at the mall, some girl recognized us and we allowed them to take pictures with us if they remain quiet about us being there for the time being. We can't be mobbed at a moment like this. Were just two teens shopping for a sorry present like any other people would do and I'd hate to show up with bruises when we go in the airport. It'll be a highlight of the day. And I'd hate to make the fans look bad, I mean we simply love them, because without them, we wouldn't be standing here living our dream that some might prove to be impossible to do.

When we finished with all the signing, and questions that they threw at us, we splitted into two so that we can cover more ground. I headed for the nearest H and M store to buy him some carrot-related shirts, then to a bakery to get some carrot cupcakes, a gigantic cake, considering Nialler might ask for seconds or thirds, and a pair of black skinnies. What's the harm in wearing them? They're tight yet comfortable.

I was hesitant which ones to choose considering he has a bigger-than-normal-yet-hot-ass so, I chose a pair that's 1 size bigger. I hope he'll understand. Agh, the things I do for that boy. When I got a text from Zayn that he's waiting by the car, I quickly payed for my things we a swipe of a card, and were all ready to go.

Zayn waited patiently while smoking. Ugh, he's got to stop that habit, he knows how much the fans hate it when they see him smoke. It's not good for him. When he noticed that I was there, he took it off his mouth, stepped on it, then picked up the bags that was behind him.

There was atleast 5 bags in there. I eyed him and he just shrugged. He really felt bad by it that he would go that far to buy so much things for him. I guess that's one of his ways of apologizing. I felt a little guilty buying only 4 bags full, but seeing as he has 9 bags of presents, he'll overlook that fact.

The drive was pretty quick and Zayn looked pretty smug with all the things he has. After a beep from the card as we inserted it in. Get it, 'insert it in?' ah, I'm hilarious! We came in into a very lonesome Louis who was just pouting at the couch by himself. "What's in the bags?" he asked as he eyed my bags then Zayn's. 

"Well, they're your get-well, and sorry presents." me and Zayn managed to say in sync. Lou just remained still looking at us as if we were food, and he is a starving man. I looked at my wrist looking at a fake watch. "3,2,1" then he jumped at both of us with no restraint. We all fell back dumbfounded by the sudden loving Louis. Right, he's revived again.

"HEY!!" Niall called out from outside the door. "How come there's no give offerings to Niall day?" Nialler pouted while crossing his arms as Liam joins in with a chuckle. "No worries." I assured the lad. "There's a 4-pound cake in there too." Louis looked pretty satisfied as he dug through the bags and seeing new Dr.Dre headphones, new sets of clothes, and a bunch of other carrot-related stuff that he was distracted enough for Niall do dig through, also finding the cake and taking it with him to the kitchen.

I smiled cheekily at Liam as we as a family were no longer fighting, and we chose to forgive each other while showering one another with gifts. It's totally hectic!! But I can't help but think, what could possibly ruin this day?


Ah, happy ending. Just a note guys, for the next three-four weeks, I'll be only updating 1-2 times per week. Sorry -shrugs- I have summer classes. The chapter tomorrow would be the last one before classes start, and I'm feeling a little devious. Just saying, don't hate me when I add random characters, and drama starts to add in.

Kay thanks ;)

~Cam xoxo

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