Part 19

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Next morning, Alya called Manik and asked him to meet her immediately. He wasn't ready to go right then, but Alya insisted and Manik had to give in.

Alya was furious at Manik because of his behavior the previous day. She was thinking of Manik and Nandini's closeness and her imagination had gone wild.

Alya : "Why were you sticking so much to Nandini yesterday?"

Manik : "What is wrong in paying a little more attention to her? She is my friend too."

Alya : "There were other friends too, then why her?"

Manik : "She doesn't know you all well. I didn't want her to feel lonely amongst us. Also, she will be going away from me soon."

Alya : "You wanted to get her out of your life as soon as possible, then why do you care for her now."

Manik : "I didn't know her then. I know her now. She is, very special, to me."

Alya : "How did she become special to you in a short time? What does she have, that I don't? What did she do that instead of paying attention to me, all your attention was on her. .. Did she warm the bed for you?"

She had imagined the worst and blurted out what was in her mind. Manik and Nandini were sharing the same room. Anything could happen behind closed doors and no one would question them since they were officially married.

Manik was trying to be patient with Alya all this time. His temper rose hearing Alya use such words for Nandini. He raised his hand to slap her, but then he remembered how Nandini always tries to divert him when he is angry. He clenched his fingers and lowered his hand.

Alya : "You raised your hand on me because of her, so I am right after all."

Manik : "You are so sick in your mind. How can you talk like that about Nandini?"

Manik : "Why am I even trying to explain to you? When you can't understand me, how can I expect you to understand her."

Manik : "I don't know what I saw in you that I have been behind you all this time."

Alya : "If you are so sick of me, then why are you playing this drama of getting a divorce and marrying me? Go and stay with her, don't come back to me."

Manik : "Whether I stay with her or not is not your concern. I will definitely not come back to you."

The only thing which was holding Manik from breaking their relationship till now was the fact that they had been together for sometime and he had assured Alya that he would marry her. He didn't seem to care about it at that moment.

Manik and Alya had a heated argument and ended up saying nasty things.

Manik went back to his office, he had left all his work and gone to meet Alya. He cooled himself down and got back to work. He was busy for the rest of the day.

It was night. Nandini wasn't in the room. Manik was in his room thinking about the day's happenings.

Nandini came in and saw Manik.

Nandini : "What are you thinking so deeply?"

Manik : "Alya, she thinks that something is going on between us. How could she even talk like that?"

He blurted out what was in his mind at that point of time.

Nandini : "What?"

Only then he realized what he told and to whom. He shouldn't have told it to Nandini, but now he couldn't take it back.

Nandini : "Were you able to clear her misunderstanding?"

Manik : "She isn't going to understand me anyways, so I didn't find any point in explaining to her."

Nandini : "Shall I try talking to her?"

Manik : "No, you aren't going to talk to her."

He told it a little loud remembering how Alya talked about Nandu. He lowered his voice.

Manik : "I will take care of that, you don't have to talk to her."

Nandini thought of something.

Nandini : "Instead of waiting till the divorce, I can go to my parents home tomorrow itself. It will be easier for you to convince Alya and clear her misunderstanding."

Manik : "You aren't going anywhere. It is my problem, I will solve it."

Nandini : "But you are facing this problem because of me."

Manik : "Nandini, it is not because of you. Alya finds a different reason to complain every time. Today it is this, tomorrow it is going to be something else."

Manik : "You don't have to worry about it. I will manage. Ok."

Mukti overheard Manik and Nandini's conversation. She had come there to talk to Manik. Alya had called her and complained against Manik. After hearing their conversation, she left.

Cabir came to meet Manik at his office next day. He had noticed that Manik was worried about something on his birthday. So he came to check on him. He was busy and couldn't meet Manik the previous day.

Manik was staring at the wall in front of him. He was so lost that he didn't realize when Cabir walked into his cabin.

Cabir : "What is so interesting on the wall that you have been staring at it?"

Manik : "How come you are here? You didn't tell me you are going to come."

Cabir : "Can't I come to meet you just like that? Do I have to take permission from you before I come?"

Manik : "I didn't mean that."

Cabir : "Okay, tell me why are you looking like Devdas who is yearning for his Paro? The only difference is you don't have a bottle in your hand. Did you and Alya have an argument again?"

Manik : "Yes, there is nothing new in it, only the reason for the argument changes every time. I wasn't thinking about that now."

Cabir : "Then what is bothering you? What were you thinking about so deeply?"

Manik : "Nandini"

Cabir : "Why? What did she do?"

Manik : "She didn't do anything. From past few days, I have begun to feel that I am going to lose her?"

Manik explained about his dream and how he was missing her badly before that.

Manik : "She wasn't at home for just two days and I was feeling so restless. I can at least meet her as long as she is in this city. But she will be going abroad soon and I won't even be able to meet her then."

Cabir : "I could make out Nandini is special for you, but I didn't know she was so special that instead of thinking about how to pacify Alya, you are thinking about her."

Manik : "How did you know she is special? You met her only twice."

Cabir : "I don't have to know Nandini to know that. I know you. So far, I have never seen you get close to any other girl. Mukti is your sister and Alya is Mukti's friend and your girlfriend. Nandini is legally your wife, but you don't consider her like that. You wanted to get rid of her as early as possible, but instead you became her friend. You also involved her in our get togethers."

Cabir : "You think I haven't noticed the change in you after she entered your life."

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