Flowing Gold Locks

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|Writer's POV|

There was a sudden hush at the table that seated two of the most powerful people in the room. Nothing was said, but shared looks crossed faces and hands clenched and unclenched. No one was watching the table anymore, all distracted with something, or by someone. Tsukiko glanced around the room before looking back to her brother. 

"I need to do something, release some magic. Before I go crazy." the scared look that once covered her face now gone and replaced with one of utter vex. Her eyes had closed and her hands shook. The pressure that suddenly grew from her was overwhelming, and soon captured the attention of the guild. They stared on in worry and fright. Tsukiko was not one to get angry, so whatever was being said had obviously pushed a wrong button. 

The space around her started to grow tense as her hair started to float. Golden locks fanned around her mid-back as she shook with intense emotion. It was almost painful to see her so angry. Seeing someone who would never get angry about even the most annoying things, was damaging to any soul who had to watch. What had put her through that much emotion to get her to be this angry? Who had fulled the fire under her and left it to burn? 

And burn it did.

Mystogen watched with uncertainty as the girl before him stood and walked out the door, slamming them so hard behind her that it echoed, silencing the pile of questions that people were demanding be answered. 

The silence lasted for less than two minutes, but no one forgot about the sudden incident. It replayed in their minds as if on a loop, the very little noise echoed louder and louder each time, bringing some people to shout and scream. This started another brawl and Erza made no move to stop it. She stood frozen in place, as did Mirajane, and Master Makorav. Mystogen had stood again and he stalked up to his elder before having a hushed conversation with him, before the two headed up to the Master's office. 

Erza and Mirajane had also disappeared into a corner to have a quiet conversation. It was mostly Erza talking, Mirajane answering every now and again. Lucy watched the pair with curiosity and bewilderment. She decided that it would be best to just go back to searching for a job. 

No one saw Mystogen again for a while, he stayed with the Master for most of the day, discussing whatever they had to. This also meant that no one had seen Tsukiko for a while either. Erza and Mirajane always shared looks of worry. Grey kept glancing at the door every minute it seemed, paranoid about his friend. 

What everyone didn't know was that Tsukiko was actually above them, sitting on the guild roof was one of the girls favourite past times, considering she was the only one who knew how to get up, it was extremely quiet and allowed her to practice her smaller magical spells without interruption. The kitsunes magical power was unknown to all the guild members, only Master Makorav and Mavis knew. This was good if they all knew then god knows what would happen. She was scared of her guildmates finding out and thinking of her as some sort of monster. Her golden hair shone in the diminishing sunlight. The ivory moon reflected off her back and highlighted her edges, casting a shadow that sat in front of her. The sun and moon calmly took onto their next job, the moon rising ever so slowly and the sun falling. It was calming to watch, and just as beautiful.  

Tsukiko smiled a little, the moonlight dancing across her pale skin and lighting up all her features. The sky was a happy place to her, even when it rained. It just meant that the sky was using it's magic to help grow plants and give food and drink to animals and humans alike. The rain was calming to Tsukiko, she understood that some people had a phobia of it, and she accepted that, not everyone is the same. The rain, whether heavy or not, was a rhythmic pattern of magic. It didn't echo, and it didn't need to, it was everywhere and nowhere at the same time. Rain dried, bringing its short, but wonderful, lifespan to a horrible close. When the sky lit up in the mornings it brought happiness to all, the kaleidoscope of colours soothed all anger and distinguished all horror, the sun shone brighter and brighter each day. The moon settled an aura of mystery upon the land. It hugged every corner and shimmied into every space. Some places a lot darker than others. Yes, the dark brought danger, but it also brought a beautiful sense of life as people of all ages celebrated the life of loved ones. Some went out on romantic dates, some brought more life into the joyful world and others just enjoyed the cool of the night. 

That was why Tsukiko loved the sky, even though it was there every day, it brought a new start and closed the day to a wonderful end. 

She smiled at the sky again, her honey gold eyes shimmering with life and joy. The moon shone back and seemed to glow brighter. The kitsune found warmth in her numerous tails and shielded herself from the gentle yet cool wind. She set her magic free, a range of colour flowing from her hand. Golds, purples, blues and silvers flooded the space around her, closing in to form a small circle that sat around her. She meditated there, up on the roof. The calming wind humming past her ears. No one was up there to disturb her. It was heavenly. 

The night was peaceful and filled with the little lights of the street, they spotted the landscape like the dots on a ladybug. Some shone brighter than others, they filled everyone with a sense of security and abolished all possible threats. Tsukiko watched the lights fade and shine again, it was a way of conserving energy. She smiled again and lent some of her magical power to the lights, making them glow brightly for a split second before dulling again. The lights were like the ones you would put on a Christmas tree, they twinkled and lit up as much space as possible. 

The overall setting was pleasant, calming and charming. That was what Tsukiko needed. 

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