Part 3

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"I... I like you!" I shout with all my heart the words... of my heart. The wind blows and cherry blossom fly between us.

The pink-haired boy in front of me looks away from the sun and laughs. "Of course! Everyone likes me! But, wait, you don't mean in a gay way, right? That'd be weird. Haha!"


My eyes shoot open.

"I haven't had that dream in a long time," I mumble to no one in particular as I rub my eye. I turn off the alarm.

It's the Spring of my 16th year. As I get dressed in my school uniform, I think to myself. I wanted to have a debut once high school started. But it already second year and I'm still so plain. I can't be cool and athletic like the other boys. Even the otaku don't want to associate with me. I sigh and grab my school bag.

"Hitori!" my father shouts as I pass the kitchen door. "You're going to be late for school!"

I look at the clock and realize he's right! I must have been thinking to myself for too long. "I'm off!"

"Have a safe trip!"

Our neighborhood is your standard middle-class neighborhood. But no one else is on the street, maybe because I'm so late. I turn the corner and go crashing into someone's chest.

"Oh, sorry!" My head shoots up to see who I've run into. I hope it's not an old man. As I lift my head, something hits it and I hear a grunt. The person stumbles back and kneels over, gripping his nose.

He's a high school student! And he's wearing the same uniform! Blood drips on the ground.

"I'm so sorry!" I pull my handkerchief out of my pocket and hand it to him.

"Thanks," he says nasally and puts it to his nose. Then he lifts his head.

Cherry blossoms blow behind him. He's so handsome. His silky brown hair blows in the wind and I stare in awe.

He looks back down and picks something up. "Your glasses fell off."

My hands shoot to my face. I can't believe it! My glasses fell off. These glasses have special lenses that hide my eyes. I can't let anyone see my eyes. I cover them with one hand then take the glasses and shove them on. "T-thank you! Excuse me!"

I run off, so embarrassed. My entire face is probably tomato red. He saw my eyes! Oh no!

I remember in kindergarten when my mom would take me around with her. People would compliment my eyes. Say I was so cute. But during year 6 in elementary school, things changed. Boys started to tease me and call me girly.

"You have girly eyes!" one shouted one day on the playground. "And you're tiny and weak!" He stuck out his tongue. "Bleeehhh."

Since then, I wore glasses and grew out my hair to hide my eyes.

Sitting at my desk in the back of the room, I stare at the crack in my glasses. Thank goodness my bangs are long. I won't be able to wear my glasses, but as long as the wind doesn't blow, or I don't go outside, I'll be okay. No one will see my ugly eyes.

The teacher comes into the classroom to start homeroom. "We have a transfer student," she says, then looks towards the open door. "Come inside and introduce yourself."

Long legs step into the classroom and I gasp. It's the guy I ran into earlier!

Someone says, "weirdo," and I realize I'm standing up. Embarrassed, I drop back down in my seat and hang my head, moving my hair to make sure it covers my eyes.

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