In Case You Didn't Realize...

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Did you catch it all?

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Did you catch it all?

Part 1:

- Parody of When Best Friends Kiss

- Spoof of cliche BxB and 'I fell for my stepbrother' fiction

- Spoof of basically all the cliches, actually

- Satire of diversity in books and whitewashing

- Harry Potter references

- Supernatural references

Part 2:

- Parody of Our Strange Love

- Parody of Call Me By Your Name

- Parody of Asiman (the author) repeatedly saying it's not an LGBT story but a story about desire

- Parody of my the director deliberatly omitting sex scenes and my own fade-to-blacks

Part 3:

- Parody of This Is Not a Tragedy (a book on my alt account @CiWasHere)

- Spoof of slice of life manga/anime intros

  - Spoof of Boys' Love genre

- Satire of people mistaking TiNaT for Fairy Tail fanfiction

Part 4:

- Parody of Smile for Me

- Parody of Tokyo Ghoul

- Parody of Kaneki Ken taking 3 pages/minutes to creatively describe how crappy human food tastes

*You: "Hey, Lena. What's the difference between a parody and a spoof?"

Parody = exaggerating a specific model like a book, person, film, etc.

Spoof = making fun of a genre, trope, or broad topic.

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