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Love stories with mixture of history that can make you cry? Wanna deepen your view about Philippines, an informative novel series, read “Pearl of the Orient Series” which tackles about Filipino cultures, traditions, historical places, promote tourism, local music, folklore, etc. It addresses some serious stuffs such as mental disorders, rare diseases, phobias, psychology, philosophy, social issues, bullying and any other perks of being a teenager.

If you want matured content stories, read my most read novels, “Habits Series”. It is an Action-Romance story, which focuses on a one of a kind friendship, love, sin and sacrifices for family. You'll also feel the chills and thrills as readers find this story so intense and full of suspense, not to mention that it highlights how a secret agent works under the government and how they help the law to alleviate criminalization.

When you want to burst out in laughters, or will make you laugh 'til you drop, my “The GG Diaries” pages is always waiting for you to get flip and turn. The story itself--- being so laughable which is already given, readers say that the series give them relief and so many realizations. It shows the real reality of life and gives lesson that one might haven't learned yet. Not to mention the unexpected twists that make my readers go crazy.

You're a fan of fantasy, stories with magic and powers, or science fiction movies like Avengers, or theme such as utopia, dystopia, futuristic, aliens, technological or discovery? If yeah, then you should be busy now tapping away on your screen, adding this on your library: “Armstrong Saga”, a novel series that will send you away from reality and make you wander anywhere just by reading and sitting there. It is a mixture of fantasy and science fiction that will definitely capture your heart!

If you're a fan of Yaoi/Yuri, Boy's Love (BL), BXB, GXG, you too should read “Libertad Academia” which is a LGBT themed story and surely soon to be followed by series: Rainbow Club, a BL series, and Card Club, a GL series. You'll never gonna have regrets as these masterpieces are really beyond anyone's expectation--- so expect the unexpected.

And there's a story that is intended especially and only for Wattpad readers, to those human being who are so damn in love to fictional characters. It is entitled “Wattpad World” and could literally send your soul through the fictional world, only if you had a powerful mind's eye.

There's also a mystery-thriller epistolary called “Beautiful Victim” and it's funny to think how your braincells work even if you don't want to. But I'm warning you, it's not a typical mystery thriller because some terms used in the story are somewhat dark and explicit. Read at your own risk!

Of course, there's a great deal of Stand-alone novels I've written with all of my heart and mostly, more likely the dumb and childish me. Some of them are my old stories that I wrote when I'm bored way back then--- so informal, unformatted but also has a plot that is light and satisfying: “Send My Love, Accidentally Drank The Love Potion, etc.”

Oh, don't whine your ass if you're a reader that got easily bored of lengthy stories, I also have a great deal of flash fictions that's worth lingering with because most of my one-shots had won an award. Not to brag, I have this one-shot horror story that won at Wattpad Ambassadors PH Writing Contest--- “Chaotic Competition”; other winning one-shots are: “Shine, My Superstar”, “4th Street” and “Road24Ever”.

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