Chapter Eight

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Elena's POV:

His lips were on mine. I couldn't believe it. I tried to make myself believe that this wasn't a dream where I wake up as soon as his lips touches mine.

I closed my eyes when the sensation of pleasure filled me, chilling my bones and making me shiver on the places where I never felt anything before. His thumb was caressing the side of my jaw and unintentionally a sigh escaped from my mouth.

Then I felt a hand on my back, pulling me closer. I was pressed on his chest. He changed the angle to deepen the kiss. My body was on fire with the way his lips were working, sending waves of desire making me powerless and vulnerable. He pulled away little, letting me breath and started to nibble on my lower lip. My body and mind was on cloud nine.

Suddenly, his warm tongue caressed the outline of my lips seeking entrance of my mouth making me lose my balance at the feeling of immense pleasure. But a hand on my waist held me in place.

He devoured me like a starved man, kissing, nibbling and exploring my mouth. I didn't even know what I was doing, but my tongue was battling with his for some kind of dominance and he smiled at that.

Maybe I was doing something right.

I didn't know when we broke the kiss and started to stare into at each other's eyes. His forehead was still resting on mine while we were trying to concentrate on our breathing.

It was really one of that kiss which takes your breath away and leaves you motionless.

My eyes fell on the slightly swollen and wet lips of his, making me suck in a sharp breath. I looked up into his green eyes, they stared back at me with hunger and need that made my insides tremble.

"You kissed me". I whispered.

"I did". He said in his husky voice.

"So are you guys dating?" Sharon questioned us.

We jumped apart, coming back to present from our la-la land. I remembered that we were in college, standing in the middle of parking lot and cafeteria.

Sharon was looking at us with the questioning gaze. Ben eyes were wide and angry.

"No". I replied, quickly.

Jake head snapped at my way and he pulled me towards his chest.

"Yes, we are dating". He said, looking smug.

My eyes widened at his false claim and I felt shocked and angry.

I gave him the look that says what the hell are you talking and he replied me with the glare that says shut up I know what I am doing.

"Can I talk to you alone, Elena?" Ben asked.

"Okay". I said, knowing that he will not leave me until I talk to him.

"No, she is not going anywhere with you". Jake said, gripping my waist.

I had no idea what was happening and why he was suddenly acting like some jealous and extremely possessive boyfriend.

"Jake, what are you doing?" I whispered in his ear.

"I'm protecting you". He whispered in my ear.

His answer made me more confused. I didn't know whom he was protecting me.

"Elena, you're testing my patience". Ben said, rubbing his forehead.

When Ben rubs his forehead, it means someone will get punch and in this case it could be Jake.

Ugh! Now, I need to protect him.

"Ben, I don't have time to talk to you at the moment". I said and Jake smirked at Ben.

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