Chapter 3

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I lie down on my bed becoming lost in the beauty of the ceiling. The detailed carvings and the way the chandelier sparkled when the light hit it just right were hypnotizing. Not enough though to make my troubles fade away though.

I sighed out loud thinking about how hard I was trained compared to them.

I glanced at the clock only to find that it was nearly time. I hopped off my bed and retrieve my cloak and mask.

Today there was going to be a meeting for the Elders, Elementals, and council. I often would attend these meetings and observe them. Sometimes I even ran the meetings. This meeting was especially important, though, as we are going to discuss the mysterious power transpiring.

I tie my cloak tightly and put on my red mask with the lightning symbols. The four Elementals will assume that I am one of the council members. More superior though due to my mask having those particular symbols. The council members wear red masks, but never with any symbols.

I left my room and made my way down the stairs that led to the library and the secret conference room. Pushing the stone wall I opened the door to the conference room, I noticed that everyone was already seated. They observed me as I took my seat at the head of the table.

"We shall begin now." Council member one said.

"An issue has come upon us. There's an evil power lurking on the north side of the City of Caliber and some of the people there are getting sick." Council member three said urgently.

"Why must we deal with such trivial things?" Fay lazily said.

I snapped my head towards her. Does she never learn?

"Because it's not something that can simply be ignored." Council member four said.

"Why not?" She stared dumbfounded. They continued to bicker at each other like children.

"Enough!" I shouted causing my fake voice to echo through the room. The room became eerily silent. "You are a disgrace. You have no right to wear the title of an Elemental while having that attitude and mindset. You are supposed to protect people, but instead you're here being egotistical." The disgust seemed off my words.

The heat from her anger practically radiated off of her. "I am an Elemental and I deserve to be called one. Why should I care about people I don't know?"

"You are an arrogant little girl." I snarled at her

I sensed her move one of the rocks behind her and aim it at me. The Elders and council members gasped once they realized that the rock was headed my way.

I easily caught the rock in my hand. She stared at me obviously shocked.

"If you honestly thought that I wouldn't notice you pick up that rock then you are as naive as I thought." I said as I placed the rock on the table. I noticed that Duke was watching me.

The Elders rushed to my side, but I got up before they could come anywhere near me.

"Have some guards and one of the Elementals look into the situation, and make sure they carry a medical kit in case they catch the mysterious disease. That will be all. Everyone leave except Elder James and the Elementals."

They all quickly rush out the room. All the Elementals were looking at me. Fay had an especially venomous glare directed towards me. "Elder James," I said

"Yes, Miss." He replied.

"I will not tolerate such irresponsible and dangerous actions in this council room or anywhere for that matter. Such actions could have seriously injured one of the council members or one of the Elders. Handle the situation or else she will never be allowed in here ever again." I said.

"WHAT?!" She shouted.

"Calm down," Mike said putting his hands on her shoulders which she instantly knocked off.

"Calm down? How can I calm down when this bitch is going to kick me out of the council?" She yelled.

She yelped when she heard my thunder outside a few times. "You should know your place in this council room. I will not tolerate such silly acts like what you just did." I shouted demanding her attention.

"Then leave this council!" She shouted.

"Control yourself!" Elder James demanded.

"NO! I will not be told what to do!" She flared. I shook my head.

How can one's ego be that big?

The door opened causing all of our attention to be directed towards Elder Charles. He was only a few years older than me and had silky blonde hair and blue eyes. Just because he is an Elder doesn't mean he needs to be above 80. The Elementals feared him the most (well except for Duke) out of all the Elders because he can be very ruthless.

"What's going on?" He asked.

"N-nothing!" Fray stuttered. Elder Charles glared at her. He then looked at me and narrowed his eyes down on my hand. He walked towards me and took my hand into his and kissed it like he always does.

"Milady, what happened to your beautiful hand?" He asked before turning it around to observe it.

"Nothing of importance." I lied.

"Did one of them do it?" He said angrily pointing to them causing all of them, except for Duke, to shiver out of fear.

"It's nothing." I lied. He pulled me closer to him, causing Duke to cross his arms and ball his hands into fists at his sides.

"It is important because I wouldn't want anything to happen to you."

"Charlie, I said it is not important." I snapped at him.

"Fine, but I'm going to find out who did this, one way or another." He entwined his hand with mine which calms him down for some reason unknown to me.

"Elder Charles, it's nice to see that you are back and well." Elder James said.

"Thank you, Elder James. I hope that they did some combat while I was gone if not then they won't be able to move tomorrow." He said while eyeing them suspiciously.

Duke snorted. "Anything you would like to say?" Elder Charles raised an eyebrow. Duke ignored his question.

"I'm going to sleep now." I said stated while escaping Charles hold on me and walked towards the door.

"Milady, I will walk you there." He said joining me. Before I left the room I heard Duke mutter something.

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