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namjoon walks down the misty, dark hallway of the labyrinth of the next task. a murky, humid gas fills his nostrils as he struggles to breathe. it's definitely not a safe gas, having at least 3 of his team drop down. he holds his breath for as long as possible, trying his hardest to not breathe in the poisonous gas. the men and women sending a chorus of grunts and broken breaths. a man, called taemin, holds up taehyung who's grabbing onto his arm uncomfortably tight. tear slide slowly down the latter's cheeks as he gets dragged along the dirty, claustrophobic maze.
the group continue to march down the maze taking lefts and right. gates change direction behind them - changing their route or stopping them from returning. they stop at a corner, huddling silently into a group as namjoon counts how many of the team is left. thirteen.
stomp. stomp. stomp.
they spin around to the direction of the sound. something stomping heavily, a rusty metallic sound. a sudden rush of mould and the blood rushes into their nostrils. they've been found. in the distance, not too far but the cloud of gas blocks a lot of light, they can see a laser.
"run, silently!" namjoon whisper-shouts to his group to see most of the run right. all but one. taehyung dashes left, away from everyone else. namjoon decides to follow him.
they must've been going the correct way back then, just like a video game. if you're going the correct way you'll meet the baddies.
"where are you going, tae?" namjoon whispers as he catches up with the trainee demon. he tries to make sure whatever monster was back there doesn't follow them.
"i memorised the map before coming in." he says as he slows down a bit, fatigue rushing through him. "an also, everyone knows you always go left in a maze," he jokes. they take a right, the gate closing behind them.
a loud rumble and a scream courses towards their ears. another man down. the gas is starting to clear up as they get into the second chamber.
"you know what, i'm glad i followed you." namjoon jokes.
taehyung doesn't recognise the joke, "they'll get there, it's a longer rou-"
"TAE!" namjoon shouts a millisecond too late. a large, metallic tentacle-like arm rips through the wall: grabbing taehyung. taehyung screams as the arm wraps around his core, getting tighter and tighter making it hard to breathe. the arm starts the wriggle around, before metal spikes shoot out of it, impaling taehyung but not doing any extreme damage.
namjoon stands still, calming himself down. turning into ones demon self needs a lot of self-control.
his eyes turn a firey-red, fangs growing instead of his canine teeth. wings rip open at the back of his back, flapping to get him into the air.
he flies to the arm wrapped around taehyung, touching it. electricity courses through his body into the arm, luckily it's a metal and spreads around. a magnetic field is created around him as he pulls the arm off of taehyung making the latter fall to the ground with a thump. the younger grunts as the wind is forced out of him.
"grow up, let's go before you kill yourself." namjoon tugs him up before flying through a few corners. "i may or may not have broken a rule, so if you..." he pauses... "if you suddenly disappear i'm sorry."
they walk on in complete silence, splatters of dark blood are now dried into taehyung's previously white t-shirt, luckily his jogging bottoms are black (like a primary school sports kit). the air finally clear and non-toxic, making it easier to get around as they don't have to hold their breath all the time like they're underwater or cough like they're smokers.
"why did you hurt that thing back there?" taehyung breaks the silence as they near the centre, which they'll have to climb up some way or another. this is a mew addition to the initiation tests, having never had a labyrinth before. namjoon looks confused at the question, why would he ask that?
"because it was hurting you," he says matter-of-factly. taehyung's face drops more, if that's even possible.
"i know but you still didn't have to hurt it." he whines like a small child. namjoon laughs slightly at this.
"how else do i get it to drop you?"
taehyung thinks for a moment, "well, you could ask nicely like 'please can you drop tae' or you can just let it do its business." taehyung replies to the question. namjoon just laughs and smiles.
"tae, not everything is a kind as you, if i did that it would have killed you again." he replies softly, treating taehyung like a small child. taehyung giggles before coming back with, 'like you!'

"i sometimes hate you mister taehyung." he chuckles before picking up taehyung and holding him like a baby. "you're too slow!"
they continue to run through the maze until they reach a door. a coded door. the door to the third and final - and hardest - chamber of the labyrinth.

"a riddle!" taehyung jumps up and down whilst clapping making namjoon shake his head.
"seriously taehyung." he chuckles embarrassingly, "okay..." he coughs before changing his tone of voice. "i go to japan, and record. the man is dead, who am i?" namjoon laughs at the stupid riddle.
"w-what?" taehyung asks genuinely confused making namjoon laugh even more.
"i have a feeling this is yoongi's. logan paul." he rolls his eyes as the entrance opens up and they are greeted by three women standing in a triangle.

"the legend of sade, msoid and carol is true!" namjoon mumbles, three of the strongest women ever to live in hell, sent away after they killed the last lucifer. they're immortal, warlocks, but they can be knocked out or avoided.
this will be possible, right?


i have regrets with this chapter it's just a meme oh lord logan paul.

please cleanse my soul father seokjin.

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