Warm Purple Fireflies

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|Lucy's POV|

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|Lucy's POV|

I stared at the kitsune across from me. Her tails swishing around her in excitement and happiness. She sat on her father figures lap, chatting away. He watched her with parental love and was eager to hear all the monsters she had defeated. I watched as the two shared an unbreakable bond, one so full of love and happiness that it seemed to power them, both. 

I had an unknown smile on my face as Tsukiko grabbed her dads hand and held it up to her own, comparing sizes. Just like a child again. I would describe Tsukiko as innocent, childlike and curious, yet you didn't want to doubt her strengths. I had never seen her fight but that time when she released just some of her power was overwhelming enough that I felt sick. 

Tsukiko sat on her father's lap, she looked tiny compared to the mass that she rested upon. He was taller and seemingly stronger than her. He was a lot older as well. His magic was so powerful that Lucy could feel it from across the guild. He was an S-Class mage after all. 

I watched as the Gildarts Clive listened intently to his daughters' tale, laughing when she did and hugging her when she showed her accomplishments. It was an odd sight to behold because I knew for a fact that Gildarts was known for being somewhat of a lone wolf. He always took quests that would keep him away for a while, but as soon as he heard the name 'Tsukiko' he practically flew here. Even if they were not blood-related, they were as close as could be. 

After Tsukiko had finished her tale, she said her goodbyes to her dad and came and sat with me. I smiled when she took the seat opposite, and she shot a grin back. 

"Hi Lucy!" this girl, she was also so energetic. 

"Hey Tsukiko, I have a question for you." she nodded and curled her tails around her back and legs. She looked so innocent and cute when she did that. 

"I'm new here, and I just wondered what magic you used. I know how powerful you are from what happened yesterday, but do you think you could show me something, even a tiny bit." she nodded happily and stood up, walking to the middle of the guild. It was empty there. 

She raised her hands and the light dimmed to nothing. Everyone turned to see what was happening when there was a light purple glow. Around Tsukiko formed a purple circle, in its centre was a purple moon and three stars sitting in the crescent. Around the guild fireflies of all different colours started to shine. I think she created them. There were purples, golds, silvers, blues and pinks. All different shades and sizes. They all flew around and formed different patterns. I looked back at Tsukiko to see that she was controlling them. Her hands fluttered around the room, bringing to life the colours before my eyes. Her hands connected and parted again to show a little glowing shape. When it became clearer it was the Fairy Tail logo. I smiled and turned back to the fireflies to see them creating what Tsukiko had just made. Then they all changed into a golden colour and then they went to purple. She was creating a spectrum of colour before our eyes. 

The fireflies parted and fluttered around the room, they all flew to her as did everyone's eyes. They danced in circles around her, casting their light in different directions. Her tails and hair lifted and the fireflies nestled into them, making Tsukiko now glow a warm purple colour. After a while, the light died down but the guild stayed dark. When all of a sudden a gust of purple gust of glitter radiated from the kitsune. It reached to the ends of the guild and stayed there to form a map. A map of space. The constellations were shown by golden glitter, and I smiled when I saw that all were shown. Then the ones that I had floated towards me and the ring sounded again. Taurus, Aquarius and Cancer all appeared before me. They looked around the room as if searching for someone and when they found her standing in the middle they all bowed their heads and Tsukiko just smiled at them. 

She gestured for them to come forward. They followed her command and walked forward. They all stood before her and she raised her hand again. A white glow emitted this time and floated to till it was in front of the spirits. They all disappeared again along with the white glow and I felt a boast in my power again. 

Tsukiko retracted her magic, leaving us all astonished at her power and the beauty it carried with it. She smiled at me and gently broke the silence. 

"Lucy, you're now stronger then you were before. I raised the power of your spirits. I have a difficult to understand magic, but just know that I can use a part of my power to improve and heal yours." this just confused me even more. Was that even possible? This was unheard off to even the most knowing of scholars. How could someone just increase someone else's powers? You can if that's your magic type, but it was clearly not because you can't just create life from nothingness and then increase someone else's. 

I smiled and thanked her so many times after my initial shock. Even after I was shown her powers, I still understood nothing about her. How could someone be so confusing and clear at the same time? Some things were just easy to find out about her, like what type of person she was, or how deeply she cared for the people around her. Her magical power and history were not one of them. 

I knew basically nothing about her. No one did. 

No one knew anything about the impending doom that was coming our way, sooner or later. 

Only she did. 

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