Just simply open your eyes

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Louis POV

Beep beep Beep Beep beep The sound of the heart monitor kept buzzing on my ears as my eyes practically peeled themselves open. Beep beep Beep Beep beep. For a second everything that has happened between now and yesterday felt like a dream that I cannot wake up from. 

All these thoughts then suddenly disappeared when my eyes were set on a broken Harry. His brown curls almost has lost all it's shine, and he's as pale as a ghost. I face-palmed myself as I stared at him.


"Harry?" I shook his body. "HARRY!! WAKE UP!" I called to him, but he didn't obliged. "Harry..." tears started running down my face. "You're joke is over....you...you can wake up now." I felt like my heart has been literally shattered within seconds of seeing him.

Liam wrapped his strong arms against my shoulder. "Lou he'll be--" he paused eyeing Harry. I had no idea what he was staring at, until I actually looked at the direction his eyes were pointing at. Harry's chest heaved up and down, which means.. "HE'S BREATHING!!" We both said in unison. "HE'S BREATHING!!"

Liam quickly called 911 and the ambulance was there within seconds. The doctor said that we'll be able to see him in a few hours. We were about to protest, but Liam said it's for the best. We all sighed in disappointment. 

After waiting 3 agonizing hours, the doctor finally allowed us in. 'said that Harry tried to kill himself with an overdoes of pain-killers. They had his stomach pumped and dispose of them. We were all relieved and scared at the same time. The doctor simply said that the boy was also loosing sleep the days before when I left. "Was it because of me?" I thought.

Later that day the boys told me of what happened during that night, and how I've made a mistake about it. I couldn't believe my ears when I heard them. So he didn't technically cheat after all!

End of Flashback

I felt really guilty right now. He was about to explain what happened that night when Li and the rest of the lads came to pick me up. I was so stupid for acting like a twenteenth year-old child and telling him not to go when he had every ounce of right to. I stroked and caressed his cheek like the most precious person in my who life. I felt his heart-rate quicken. 

It surprised me, so I removed my hand, and his regular beating commenced. "Did I just do that?" I asked him, and I felt it skip a beat like last time. I blushed, not because he might be aware of what I'm doing to him, but because I can get a reaction like that from him. It makes me feel secure about his feelings for me... Or what I assume are his feelings for me...

"Mr. Tomlinson?" the doctor called out while I my gaze on Harry lingered a bit then I looked at back. "Yes?" I replied sternly. It seems totally out-of-character.. but what can I do? "I do hope you know that Mr. Styles should've awoken by now." he informed waiting for my reaction. "Then why is he still like this?!?" I asked pleadingly as I notioned to Harry's almost life-less body.

The doctor rubbed the back of his neck as if rubbing a sore, then he shrugged. "My guess is Mr. Tomlinson, is that maybe he doesn't feel safe in the world. something must've caused him to be in such a trauma, that he can't just simply awaken." I looked at the doctor dumbfoundedly.

"So.. Doctor.." I waited for him to say his last name. "Doctor Whatzittuuya." he replied with a smile. "Okay.. Doctor W... are you saying.." I choked on my own words. "Are ... are you saying he doesn't want to wake up?" He nodded in reply. Fresh tears threatened to spill from my eyes.

Dr. Whatzit saw the tears that was about to fall, and he just sighed while staring at Harry. "Though he is asleep Mr. Tomlinson, he might be able to hear you as if he's awake." he recommended and I nodded while he left the both of us alone. I then took a quick stride to his bedside. "1 month."  I indicated with my index finger even if he can't see it. "Wake up within within 1 month.. or i'll... i'll officially break it off. Everything." I threatened.

"I know you can hear me Harry." I threatened. "Today's July the 6th.. you'll have till August 6th you hear me?"  no reaction this time. Maybe he couldn't hear me afterall. A familiar figure then wrapped her arms around my waist. "You still love him... huh?" El asked as I can feel that she's suppressing sadness. I nodded without looking at her. El then patted my head and was about to leave me, but stopped mid-way.

"The boys want you by the cafeteria if your hungry... but if you know Nialler." I can see she's holding back a laugh. "You'd want to be there.. in like.. now." she smiled while she looked back at me and waved. "Aren't you staying El?" I asked her, and she shook her head while her back was to me. "Just don't like the hospital." I heard her mumble, and off she went.

I chuckled and 'somehow' found my way to the cafeteria.. though my past attempts were sorta brutal. I saw a lady about to change, I saw a child who was poking something from the trash. It's quite a laugh. And I was about to puke seeing as this man in lab coats were about to do surgery.

Without hesitation, I just popped in through the door running like a mad-man. "LEAVE MY FOOD ALONE!" I screamed and got a barrel of laughs from the older-folks. The lady behind the cashier recommended the muffins since it the only thing 'actually' edible from this joint. But, after seeing the fake blonde, I groaned and checked the spot he was just on, and saw that he was holding an arm full of muffins. The basket was now empty and I glared at the boy, then pouted innocently while batting my girly-eyelashes. They have to serve a purpose you know!

"Can I hwave a mwuffin or two?" I asked the lad and he rolled his eyes while rummaging at the muffins and picking one to give me. "Just this once." he mumbled begrudgingly then headed off to where Liam and Zayn were.

"Someone's in a good mood." Zayn winked and Liam smiled in a relieved sorta way. "You alright lad?" he asked not leaving my eyes. "Ah yeah..." I smiled at them. "He doesn't want to wake up." I whispered as my smile turned instantaneously to a frown. "Louis."  Liam mumbled with a voice full of concern, while Zayn gave my shoulder a light squeeze. "I gave him a month." I stated as their eyes widened looking displeased.

"I'll forget about the relationship if it proceeds more than that." They were about to say something, but kept their mouths closed seeing as they can't control what has been done already. "Well.. he can hear... so he has to." Zayn said cheerfully and I smiled in return.

xx 2 weeks later xx

I felt something touch my forehead while I was asleep and my eyes almost bulged out of it's socket when I saw Harry awake. Whatever touched me felt warm yet familiar.. Must've been a dream. So he did hear me I thought smugly. "Harry?" I asked groggily. It took him a few seconds that I was talking to him.

"Is that my name?" he asked as he met my eyes while looking at me with those bright green orbs of his. "Harry did you--" "HOLY SHIT HARRY'S AWAKE!" Niall stated as all the lads filed in one-by-one. Pff.. who am I kidding, they tried to shove each other in at the same time but failed and fell on the floor.

"Meet the band." I stated. "Liam, Niall, and Zayn." I pointed to each lad. They froze as they eyed me then Harry. I nodded smiling sadly. "Yep.. he lost all of them." tears were literally free-falling down my cheeks. Harry then wrapped his arms around my shoulders to comfort me. When he noticed what he was doing he blushed furiously and looked at his thumbs. "S-sorry.. I just thought..."he trailed off still not staring at any of us.

I felt comforted even if it's just for a second. None of us did anything but just stand there trying to apply the information in our heads that our best friend Harry.. just lost all of his memories. Harry then looked at me again with a frown on his face. "You never really did introduce yourself." he said in a shy tone.

"Im Louis.. Er.. your bestfriend."  I fake smiled at the lad. "And your my boyfriend." Niall stated. We all stared at him looking to see if he was joking.. but he said nothing. "What?" he asked while smiling at Harry. "He's mine." Niall then wrapped his arms around Harry's neck with Harry'back to him. Haz looked taken back but nodded. I felt like I just got stabbed in the back. WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED!??!


So yeah... Narry.. :D

I have like 4 darn chapters in my notebook right now considering I was so bloody bored at summer school. Comment and I might just type it up if I get enough requests ;)


Don't ask me about the doctor's name, I got it from Spongebob :)


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