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Chapter 05

- Mia White -

"Can we get something to eat? I still have that rotten egg taste in my mouth," Ben cringed. I don't blame him for wanting to eat something else since Levi did dare him to eat two rotten eggs this morning.

Today we decided just to have some fun and play truth or dare around the area. If you refuse to say the truth or do the dare, you have to be the servant who asked you truth or dare for the rest of today and tomorrow. So far, no one has backed down.

After Levi dared Ben to eat rotten eggs, Ben was more than happy when his brother also picked dare. I felt bad for Levi because he had to sit still as his brother gave him a tattoo on his back with a sharpie. Let's just say that Levi won't be taking his shirt off for a while...

No one really picked truth, which caused many rounds of embarrassment. To no surprise, Ben and Jacob was having the most fun, especially when they would dare me to do things that would piss Ace off.

Jacob led us to a store that was nearby. Luckily for Ben, there found a few treats that he liked so he bought a bunch of them. We sat down for a while, still playing the game although it wasn't as intense as before. It was sad to say that we'd be leaving Greece in a week, but I'm glad that we all had fun.

"Next time we come here, it'll just be you and me," Ace promised before kissing my forehead.

"Truth," I heard Sarah say.

"Tell me about your most awkward date," Levi smirked.

"No way. It's way too embarrassing."

"It's is," I added. "Probably the worst date known to mankind."

"Are you gonna tell me? 'Cause if you don't, you'll be my little slave."

Sarah huffed. "I guess I'm your slave then."

She rolled her eyes when Levi and Ben fist-bumped before turning her attention to me.

"Truth, or dare?"


She smiled widely. Oh, God. I know where this is going.

"If you were to make out with a guy in the group who wasn't Ace, who would it be?"

Ace, Jacob, Ben, and Levi looked at me with curiosity, waiting for my answer. I had to think about it for a while, and Sarah was growing just a bit impatient since she wanted to know my answer.

"Umm...Probably Levi."

Ben gasped and brought his hand to his chest as if he just got shot.

"How could you!" He dramatically fake cried. "I thought we had something special!"

I laughed, and just as I was about to say something, a voice interrupted me.

"Mia? Is that you?"

I turned around to see it was Zoey. She was with I assumed was her sister since they were identical.

Since I was in Ace's arms, I felt him tense before he looked at Levi and Ben. The smile on Ben's face suddenly turned into a mischievous smirk

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