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taehyung walks up to the three women, massive box smile on his face.
"excuse me, can we get past?" taehyung asks but get namjoon pulls him back scolding him.
"for satan's sake taehyung what did i say about things not being nice?" namjoon says harshly, only to get a small whimper from taehyung. namjoon looks around the room for some sort of weapon, nothing. no ladders, for what he can see, no anything. even the door has disappeared.
maybe they do have to fight hand by hand.
"ok, taehyung stand over there. watch me then try to turn to your demon form. by now you should have it." namjoon points to the corner, and watches taehyung walk over.

he watches the three women closely, they stand in a triangle formation, chanting some kind of latin sentence. he can see their skin start to change colours, and expand. they're changing forms. the first one to change is msoid. msoid has a large wingspan, black feathery wings with dark blue tips. the sign of a warlock. warlocks were wizards and witches on earth who died. sadly, their kind is dying out very quickly.
the second to turn is carol, she is he tallest by far in the group with the physic of a rugby player. she has smaller wings than msoid but they have red tip, the sign of a higherarchy. the higherarchy are the council of the group, a lot of them are linear thinkers. they don't think out the box as much, but carol, carol is something else.
finally there is sade, much smaller than the other two. she has no tips, showing the sign of a lower demon. someone like taehyung. to get where she did is almost impossible for a no-tip but she defies the odds in everything. it's a well known fact that she uses maths to formulate her attacks at speeds unknown to people, her mind running faster than a train on the london underground, or the eurostar.
namjoon puts all his attention onto getting into his demon form, calmness coursing through his body.
his wings rip through his shirt for a second time, after turning back a couple of seconds ago this one is very painful. his orange tips show he's a median, a trainer. trainers are in the middle of the hierarchy. the higherarchy at the top, then warlocks, then median, then the no-tips, and finally the prisoners.
he smiles psychotically at the three, and looks at taehyung through the corner of his mind. his eyes the same red as earlier, his canine teeth fangs again.
"just relax and think about wings growing through your back, try flapping them. that'll help them grow through." he says to taehyung, his voice a bit lower than earlier.
taehyung puts all his thought power on his middle back, although the fact that he's going to die lingers on his mind. he feels an uncomfortable warmth spread through his back, then a pain searing through his spine and the feeling of something ripping through. a volcano erupts through his skin as he shrieks in pain.
"ouch that hurt." he laughs slightly as the pain stops. he tries to see his wings, spinning in a circle like a dog chasing their tail.
"wai-wait what?" he stops, surprised at the colour of his wing, "joonie, why are they white?" he asks.
namjoon just stares in awe, the same with the three girls.
"he's a fucking angel!" carol says quietly under her breath. "we kill angels, it'll cause a war." she the breaks into an evil laugh.
"the question is, carol, why is he down here?" sade asks the younger woman. only to bring the eldest out of their trance.
"that-that only means he's fallen." msoid says calmly, "they must've fallen, the only explanation."

namjoon walks over to taehyung, confusion and awe clouding his mind and temporarily forgetting about the three about to attack them. he slowly strokes the white feathers that feel like silk and are fluffy at the same time. the beautiful texture against his hand. they smell of lilies, unlike the demon's that smell of a very metallic, almost fake, blood smell. "beautiful..." he whispers almost inaudibly.
"joonie, they look like they're about to attack." taehyung whispers into the elder's ear, making the latter turn around on the spot and hover a little.
"just flap your wings, you'll get the hang of it." he says, and flies foreward towards the three.

an aray of colours, attacks and sounds come from the four who're fighting; with one just flying out of the radar in the corner. he watches everything, the uppercut namjoon throws at carol, the spell from msoid. but one of them is missing.
"you just realised i'm not there, sweetie." a voice chuckles behind him as a pair of arms wrap around him: a knife resting on his windpipe, the other arm around his stumoch. his wings trapped behind him, prohibiting him from flapping her off. "don't make a noise." she orders as he's dragged into the darkness surrounding the room.
"JOOONIEEEE!" taehyung screams as he struggles, only to feel more pressure on the knife.
"tae, stay still!" namjoon shouts, a bit out of breath, towards taehyung. taehyung stiffens at the order. he watches namjoon speed towards them faster than the three combined; and feels the punch thrown towards the girl behind him. he feels a trickle of blood run down his neck and the cold metal move downwards.
the sudden rush of air on the fresh crimson liquid stings as the cut opens even furthur. a salty tear drops down his face. the pain throbs as the knife is slowly taken away from his neck, and someone wraps their arms around taehyung's body. that someone being namjoon.
it's all good until someone stabs taehyung's side. the knife is immediately removed by the attacker, allowing blood to freely poor out; the loss of blood at such a rate that he blacks out.

"tae-tae." he hears faintly in the distance, a bright white light blinding him in this comatose state. "oh tae-tae, if only you knew." this unfamiliar voice sounds like strawberries but tastes of lemon. "if only you knew what you did, why you're here. maybe then you'll be allowed back."

his hand twitches slightly. namjoon, whose been watching taehyung for the past couple of days like it's evidence of a murder being watched. in some way, it is. "JUNGCOCK HE MOVED!" the male shouts as he sees this action.
again, the male's hand twitches, but this time a bit more violently.

he's waking.


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