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There's a beautiful light that comes through my borrowed window the next morning. It hits my pale cheeks gently, warning me of the beautiful autumn day before I can even open my eyes.

After only a few seconds of being awake, the magic inside of me is already on an endless loop of giddy chirping. It must be finally reacting to being reunited with me, even though it was only locked away for a short period of time.

I can feel my own emotions lighten in reflection to my power's mood. As soon as my feet hit the floor, my outfit shifts from my comfy pajamas to a white sweater with dark jeans and tall brown boots. After showering last night, my natural curls have taken over my hair, so I brush them out to waves of black that provide a cover over my shoulders.

I'm feeling relatively confident today, maybe it's because I'm going to find out about Esther and hopefully end her scheming. Well, I guess the "hopefully" is a little presumptuous as she is my family's mother, but I trust my instincts that she's deceitful.

"Knock, knock."

Klaus peeks his head in after he hears me finish getting ready in the bathroom. I'm surprised to see him, considering we were in a little bit of an awkward squabble all of yesterday.

"You disappeared last night," he begins, taking a step in awkwardly. "I came to see you, but you were already asleep."

The tone of his voice sends shivers up my spine. He sounds amused, but it's calm and meaningful. I wonder if Elijah talked to him at all about what we've discovered, or the truth about our recent partnership.

"Was there something you wanted to talk about?" I ask.

"It's irrelevant now," he brushes it off. "I've come now to check on you, but it seems you're just fine."

I smile to the floor before meeting his eyes, "I'm definitely more than fine, Niklaus."

His lips morph to create a straight line in contempt, "Because you're with Elijah?"

I shake my head and laugh to myself. The great original witch has really planted the jealousy seeds in him. The funny thing is, it probably didn't take much coaxing to get him to believe it.

"You are naive, Nik." I ease, "Elijah has always been a friend to the both of us. He wants to best for you. Why are you so eager to not believe that?"

"It just doesn't make sense coming from you." He admits, and my smile drops suddenly, "I don't trust either of you because you've both played this game before."

Klaus's point of reasoning is harsher than I expected. My heartbeat stutters thinking back to what happened between Klaus and I the day before I died. He doesn't know the truth, but he will need to know if we are to move forward together.

"I hate to interrupt," Elijah appears in the doorway, "Claramay and I have business in town."

"Actually, Elijah, Klaus and I are in the middle of-"

"Nothing." Klaus interrupts, "Nothing at all. Come in, brother, she's all yours."

Elijah moves from Klaus's way as he storms out of the room. I sit on the bed, suddenly not at chirper as I was just a few minutes ago.

"I don't mean to pry, but I don't think that it would be wise for you to tell him the truth right now," Elijah explains. "Wait until we have our current situation taken care of."

I shake my head solemnly, "He would believe me, Elijah."

"Maybe, but we need to be sure that it won't be used against us."

I don't understand his logic until I remember his task last night, "Are you saying...?"

He puts his fingers to his lips to hush me. There are too many listening ears around to say anything of what he learned about Esther from Elena last night.

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