Zane~Chan [1]

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"I don't think this is a good idea." I said nervously staring at Aphmau.

"Oh come on Kawaii~Chan it will be fun!" Aphmau said with excitment.

I took in a deep breath and got up off the floor.

"But what if we get kidnapped or there are these weird people there??" I asked well my heart began to speed up.

"KC calm down its literally a park in the dead of night! No one is going to be there!" She laughed at my worry and I took in another deep breath.

"Fine but if we get kidnapped, raped, or killed I told you so!"

Aphmau smiled and she opened up the house door.

I grabbed my phone putting it in my pocket and I followed after her.

We began walking down the street and I made sure to stick close to her. The park wasn't too far away from our house it was about only a block away.

We began to appraoch the park and it was hard to see if anyone was around. Aphmau slowly went over to the swings and I made sure to stay behind her.

She sat down on a swing and I decided to sit down beside her. We began to slowly swing back and forth and I looked around the park.

It was too dark to really see anything so I was surprised we even found the swings.

"See theres nothing to worry about." Aphmau laughed.

"I guess..." I mumbled.

"So tell me about that guy you like." Aphmau said smirking.

I quickly looked away from her embrassed and I could still see her smiling.

"Well.." I mumbled, "Today well we had science class I ended up tripping into him and I felt so embrassed." I covered my face with my hands and I heard her laugh.

"Oh come on thats cute." Aphmau said removing my hands from my face.

"We ended up staying like that for a bit until the teacher brought us back to reality and then he dropped me..." I mumbled out the last part and I could hear Aphmau dying of laughter.

"H-He dropped y-you!!" She stuttered out still laughing.

"Aphmau shut up!" I yelled.

My words echoed throughout the park and I immediately put a hand over my mouth.

"Shush!" Aphmau yelled even louder than me.

I put a hand over her mouth and I knew she was still giggling.

Aphmau got up off her swing and she grabbed my wrist. She yanked me up and began to drag me over to the slides.

I felt myself freeze in place as I began to hear voices. The closer we got to the slide the closer we got to the voices. I stopped Aphmau in her place and she turned to look at me.

We both nodded our heads. She heard it as well.

We stopped infront of the slide and I could still hear voices.

The slide wasn't your normal everyday slide. It was a huge jungle gym of sorts that led up to a slide. I could definitely hear them a lot more now.

Aphmau let go off my arm and came closer to me.

"Okay KC don't freak out." She whispered into my ear, "But I think theres some sorta dealing going on up there. I can smell weed and other shit. We have to quitely leave the slide area before they notice us. Don't make a sound."

I nodded my head and we slowly began to creep away from the slide.

Now that she mentioned it I could smell it as well. We made it to the side walk of the park and I took a deep breath in.

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