Chapter seventeen

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Kara Pov •||
So me and Lena are doing fine, we'll not fine really good actually, talking about Lena I probably should text her.
Me: hey le, do you want to come round later?x
Le🌸: hm sorry Kara, I'm busy.
Me: Ok.
Well that was weird why is she acting so strange. We haven't saw each other in a few days, last time we saw each other we was okay. Maybe it's because I haven't text her.
Me: are we okay?
Le🌸: Kara, I'm busy
Me: if you was busy, you wouldn't be on your phone and diverting my question. What is wrong ?! What have I done.
Le🌸: Kara you haven't done anything I'm just busy.
Me: whatever fine. I'd say message me when you've finished work, but you probably wouldn't.
Well that was annoying. I don't understand what I've done or it's probably because she's stressed at work talking about work I'm going to go over to the Deo to see if anyone needs my help.

Lenas Pov•||
Fuck I am pacing round my office I have threw stuff everywhere, Jess comes in, "holy shit Lena what is wrong" I look at her mid crying about to throw a vase. She runs and takes it off of me. "What is wrong" she repeats herself again, I look to the ground. "Lena, what is wrong" she is so serious right now I don't think I've ever saw her like this. " I cheated on Kara" her face drops.

I know I know y'all are going to be annoyed but I am working on a story line because I want this to be different to all the other story's but there is a method to my madness. 5 likes next chapter

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