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Chapter 5 | Brando

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I can't believe the nerve of that guy! He has no idea about what I've been through and he has no right to judge me. From the little information I provided, he should have been on my side. He should have seen there is only one problem and that is Nick.

      But does he have a point? Is that why I feel myself growing hot with anger and frustration? I want to slip my jacket off, but it will take too much effort, especially as I'm pushing past people in this overstuffed coffee shop.

      Nick doesn't notice me leave. I sigh in relief as I taste the cleaner air in the terminal. The smell of coffee beans follows me outside and I walk towards my gate to get away from it. I look up to the board with all the flight information on.

      Flight 143 ... Delayed.

      'Shit!' I mutter under my breath as I head towards the woman at the desk in Gate 11. She looks up and instantly recognizes me.

      'How can I help you, sir?'

      'The flight is delayed?' I ask. I want to sound furious but instead my voice comes out frustrated and desperate.

      'The weather is not ideal flying conditions,' she explains politely. It's like she has no patience or feeling whatsoever. 'All flights are grounded until it clears.'

      'Do you know how long that will take?'

      She shakes her head. 'Unfortunately not but we will keep you updated. Do listen out for the announcements, I'm sure it will take no time at all!'

      A voice surprises me from behind. I turn and dodge out of the way, noticing a woman speaking to the attendant now as if I hadn't been there just a second ago. 'The flight is delayed?'

      The woman, with a plump man on her arm, attached to her like a dog on a leash, stops just inches from the attendant's face. She's taller than me and she's wearing a long, thick fur coat that almost covers her legs. Her hair is pinned up and tied to pristine perfection.

      The attendant nods. 'Yes, I'm afraid so.'

      'For how long?'

      'I can't give an exact estimate at this time...'

      'Surely my husband and I can board?'

      'Nobody can board at this time I'm afraid...'

      'But we are seated in first class! We are supposed to board first... we are supposed to board now! I can't handle another second waiting in this god-forsaken airport...'

      'I understand that, I do, but until the snow stops falling, there's nothing I can do. I will update you on any progress. Please listen out for announcements.'

      The woman shakes her head and spins around. 'Back to the lounge. Don't dawdle Frank!' She drags her husband right past me without a glance. I can understand her frustration but nobody can control the weather, as much as we like to have someone to blame.

      My lower lip carries me to a nearby seat in the gate. There aren't many people sitting around. Nobody else looks worried, which worries me all the more. Why isn't there a panic? We could be grounded for hours – days, even! I have barely enough money left for a stick of gum never mind a hotel room for the night.

      No doubt Nick would be set for the night should we be delayed for a day, but I'd rather sleep in the airport than share a room with him.

      It's a weird feeling when you love someone so entirely that your every thought is consumed by them. It's an even weirder feeling when all of that evaporates and you realize your feelings weren't real. How can your own body lie to you like that?

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