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taehyung sits in the cell, ankles attatched to a chain that's connected to a wall. opposite him, jimin is in the same position. the elder of the two has tears streaming down his face, why did he agree to this in the first place. the jokes were going too far.
"y'know, this might be the last time i see you mochi-bug," taehyung begins, watching the elder slowly lift his head to make eye contact, "i'll miss you, you're like my brother." tears start to fall heavier down jimin's face at the realisation that at least one of them is going to be thrown out if heaven.
"but i'll come to find you. i swear."
jimin tries to reply, but no words come out of his mouth: only a mix of grunts, cracks and cries. taehyung translates them as 'i love you's and 'i will miss you's.
he watches a guard walks in with kim seokjin. seokjin walks over to jimin, wiping any wet tears of his damp face.
"now, sweetie, you're not going to the same place as your friend tae here. but, don't worry he won't be badly injured. but what to do with you is where i'm stuck. you were part of the original plan." seokjin says calmly as he stands up and wipes down his knees.
"doh-don't hurt him too badly, please, sir." taehyung asks seokjin, using 'sir' as a way of respect. it's not an usual way of talking to someone higher than you.
seokjin looks down at the youngest, no emotion in his eye. "but should i listen to you, i know how torturous it would be to see your friend in pain. what if i throw him in the river of sin?"
the river of sin, a punishment of sorts for an angel. it's full of the small amount of sin any angel has committed during their life as a human, over the thousands of years the sins has polluted the water making jt dangerous for the pureness of an angel. bring thrown in is like being thrown into lava; it burns, stings, blisters, screams can be heard from the whole of heaven when someone is thrown in.
what jungkook didn't know that the being thrown in was a hyperbole.
jimin's whimper can be heard from where jungkook is sitting, "but i don't think jimin deserves that because he used his brain." seokjin says, tapping his temple to emphasise the end of that sentence.
the scenery changes again, this time to a white room, taehyung chained up in the middle with seokjin watching over. this would have been taehyung's last few moments in heaven.
"teh-tell mochi-bug i lo-love him puh-puhlease." taehyung stutters as seokjin walks towards him.
"i will, tae-bear. y'know you were always my favourite of the two, i found you quite amusing. but, you took it a step too far.
but before you're sent back down to earth, we have to take your lovely memories away and replace them. don't worry though, we'll always have them here." seokjin holds a glass before muttering some latins words under his breath.
taehyung starts to go faint, falling to the fall with a little thump. he lies in a small armadillo shape; where, in another, scenario it would look very cute and innocent.
"i wish you luck taehyung."

taehyung falls to the ground in the front lawn of some building. he has no memory of anything. all he knows is his name and age. 'kim taehyung aged 14'. he lies on the ground, a bit winded from the impact of landing on earth. his vision a bit blurry, but he can see the outline of a lady walking up to him wearing completely black clothes.
"seungkwan, darling, can you call sister josephine here, then make the spare bed in your room, you'll have a brother from today onwards." the lady says, a kind tone knitted into her voice.
"yes, sister mary." a young boy says, running inside the house as taehyung blacks out.
taehyung wakes up in a hospital bed, unknown of where he is and only now taking in his surroundings. he sees the lady from earlier sitting next to him.
"hello darling, i'm sister mary. what's your name?" she asks, the same kind tone as earlier warming the young teen's ears.
"t-taehyung. kim taehyung, i think." he says unsure.
"okay taehyung, how old are you?"
taehyung thinks a bit, even though he knows the answer he still has to think before letting out a quiet "fourteen". the lady smiles at taehyung,
"ok, sweetie, let's get you some clothes and introduce you to boo, your new brother."
taehyung stands by the mirror, staring at his reflection. he's wearing grey school trousers, a white shirt and a plain black tie with a crest on it. in his hands is a black pajama bottom and black pajama top. he looks at his hair, which is black with slightly faded turquoise in the fringe. he smiles at himself, feeling some sort of self love in his reflection.
but he feels a black hole in his heart as if something is missing. when he was changing he saw weird scars all along his back, in weird parallel lines. they're almost as if he had wings and fell. like a fallen angel.
but he didn't know that's what he really was.
taehyung turns around to see a boy around his age sitting on the edge of one of the beds behind him, reading a book called the bible.
"hi i'm seungkwan, boo seungkwan but you can call me sk."
"taehyung, kim taehyung." he smiles.

"holy hell, what the hell were you thinking taehyung when you did that?" jungkook almost shouts as soon as they are transported back to the office.
"how am i supposed to know?" taehyung replies.
"well, i must be off. i have my own place to run. i'll collect taehyung some other day. i'll tell jimin." taehyung looks up at seokjin, eyes open with surprise.
"b-but what about namjoon?"
seokjin turns around with a smirk, "well you have a decision to make."


goddam seokjin that sly kid. this is the last chapter of wings, the next being the epilogue.

i'm sorry but all things come to an end.

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