White Lies

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Niall POV

After I released Harry, Liam drags me out of the room while Zayn trails in behind us. "What did you just do?" Liam asked in a stern yet demanding voice. When one of the nurses heard us, she quietly indicated us to outside so that they can pester me. And ask why I did the whole 'boyfriend' act.

I sighed in defeat and just sat at the park bench. A shrug was all I could do as I tried thinking of the proper words to say. "If he can't tell Harry, then'll I'll just make Louis confess himself." I huffed while crossing my arms. They nodded but said nothing. They probably want me to elaborate even more. Figures they want me to continue. "Did you just hear what Louis claimed himself as, to Harry? Hmm? He said that he's his best friend. Not boyfriend. BEST FRIEND!" I bellowed at the two, and they still said nothing.

A tear silently went down my eye, and I covered my face with my hands. "I didn't know what else to do..." I bit my bottom lip. "I just.. I just want everything back to normal... I'd do anything... even if it makes me look like the bad guy at the end." They then sat beside me. Liam to my left, then Zayn to my right. Liam placed his hand on my shoulder and whispered. "You're a good boy Niall." "Though.. acting serious act it totally out-of-character" Zayn joked trying to enlighten the mood.

I had a little talk with those two for who-knows how long, chatting about random things so that I didn't have to cry and pin all my anger on Lou. It was already like 3 in the afternoon and we decided that we'll order Nando's to be delivered at the hospital. The boys told me no details on what it was suppose to be, but I didn't protest. They're paying anyways I smirked to myself as we waited.

"So when did you change from silly-putty to hardcore-candy?" Zayn smirked, and I tried to copy for the wrestlers I watched in WWE Smackdown. "I was born like this." I fake-glared in return. They laughed and tried to copy Rey Mysterio, and what I thought was the BIGSHOW! It was pretty entertaining actually. Liam wore a plastic bag mask and poked 4 holes on it. Two for his eyes, 1 for his mouth and one for his nose. Little did he know there was flowers on the back making him look stupid, but me and Zayn bit our tongues trying not to laugh.

Zayn on the other-hand pulled down one of his sleeved and flexed while he heaved his chest up-high but totally failed at it.  They were playing dog-pile trying to wriggle away from each other, while I on the other hand did nothing and took pictures to be uploaded for twitter. They'll hate me for this, but it's pretty damn stupid if I don't get it online.

They assured me after they were all soaking in sweat that decided to be in on it too.. but in spirit of course. They didn't want to overwhelm Louis looking like they ship Narry Storan.. or that's what I think it was called. To be honest I didn't know what shipping means till Josh explained it to me during a twitcam, and I was beet-red hearing a Nosh shipping. Who would've known. 

Honestly, I thought Larry Stylinson was a type of code fans made for both of them just to reffer only to those to those two.. but whatever.. I shrugged it off. The food arrived like 30 minutes later, and they both were good buds and gave me 4 serving of my favourite chicken wrap with an extra amount of chips. They're probably aware that I was ordering. Gotta leave it Nando's to provide customer satisfaction.

Zayn POV

We came back to the room after a while to check up on those two while were back. Apperantly Louis went out for a bit 30 minutes ago looking for a proper meal while excusing himself from Harry and purchasing his food. Harry asked us alot of questions and we gladly obliged. He just politely nodded and smiled at us taking in the information like breathing air. That's pretty wierd though. It seems like he didn't freak out or anything. In fact he even commented on some of them.

The boys decided that they'll check out a room on the apartment outside while Paul brought our luggage to different selective rooms. Management had to delay some signing for like a day, and Harry doesn't know the lyrics to the songs . This is totally going to ruin our career if he doesn't rebound and gain his memories back.

After like heading back to our rooms, we slept yet we didn't. Me, Liam, and Niall just mostly stared at the wall thinking of many things at the same time. What's going to happen now? How is Louis going to treat Niall now? But the most important question was, how the heck is going to get his memories back?

We came back the next day asking him how he felt about the information as Lou slept beside him. "It's cool." his eyes sparkled like the morning sun.. but something was etched on the back of my mind. How come he's all cool with all this? Any other person would've freaked out if they were to find out that they belong on a famous boyband, and they are supposed to know the lyrics by heart. But Harry's like the beat seams familiar, and the same goes for lyrics.

I eyed Liam, and he nodded knowingly as if he knew what I was about to say. He grabbed Niall by the shoulders and said that we'd buy a snack. Niall was clueless about what we were supposed to do, and he was dissapointed that he didn't get any snacks at all. Liam then felt guilty and bought him some crisps and peanut-free granola bars on the cafeteria.

Niall triumphed with a granola bar at hand and crisps shoved down his throat. "Wuv yygu Li!" he stated while he gave him a man hug and kissed Liam's temples sloppily leaving a trail of chips on his cheeks. I shrugged off a chuckle while Liam used a towel to wipe it off and I ushered them to a seat.

"So you noticed it too huh?" I asked Liam and nodded. "He should be freaking out by now." I added. Niall kept on chewing but payed attention to our conversation. "Swo yourshaying that he's swupposed to fwreeak out?' Niall asked suddenly with a mouth-full. And we all eyed him with a single nod.

He covered his mouth, probably gobsmacked by all this. "But Harry couldn't be lying about this ... could he?" Liam asked while his voice sounded concerned. I stared at him and shrugged after a while. "I don't know Li, we'll just have to find out." I stated with a plan on mind.

We all came back stepping light footsteps when we were infront of the door. Harry now stood up like casually and headed off to where Lou was quietly sleeping was. Harry then caressed his cheeks and said something while he kissed him on the lips with feeling. A blush crept on my face but I ignored it. Our cue came when he deepened the kiss.

His eyes widened when he saw us. He then pushed us willingly out of the door and made a shh indication. He avoided our waiting glances then chewed on his bottom lip while he twiddled with his thumb. After a while he looked up again with a shine of hope. "Can you guys keep a secret?"

Louis POV

"Louis I love you, Louis I remember." I heard Harry's voice and I felt him kiss me. Was I dreaming? If I am.. please let me stay.. let me stay to the place where he remembers me.

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