Zane~Chan [2]

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*Lemon Warning*

And if you don't know what lemons are im so sorry for what your about to read. Not really.

After a long drive and a food stop I arrived at Zanes apartment. He picked me up bridal style and carried me inside.

Once we were inside he placed me down on the bed and I rolled around.

I looked up at Zane and stopped rolling.

He got onto the bed and began to crawl towards me. Stopping in front of me I was quickly pinned down to the bed.

I looked up into Zanes eyes and a smirk appeared on his face.

His hand began to travel up my thigh and stopped at my chest. He put his hand under my shirt and he stopped in front of my bra.

He touched around the back of my shirt and he unclipped my bra.

He slid my bra out from under my shirt and threw it across the floor.

He brought his hands back around to my chest and began to poke at my breasts.

I purred slightly at this and my face flushed red with embrassment.

I felt him begin to pinch my boobs and well he pinched one he fondled the other.

"Zane~" I moaned.

He bent down to my ear still palying with my breasts and whispered,

"You like that?"

I nodded my head a few times and his hands came out from under my shirt.

He cupped my face with his hands and bent down to my lips. He kept getting closer and closer and eventually he kissed me.

We started kissing for a minute and eventually it turned into a heated makeout session.

My hands were twirling around in his hair well I could feel him strooking my thigh up and down.

I purred into the kiss allowing him to get into my mouth.

Our tongues locked and began to fight for dominance. Our tounges twsited together and I could taste his saliva.

He pushed away from my mouth for a quick breather and got up off the bed.

I laid there gapsing for air as he left the room.

After a few minutes he came back to the room with ropes and a blindfold.

I knew exactly what he was going to do.

He got back onto the bed and I laid down again. He began to tie my hands to the bed as well as my feet and he put the blindfold over my eyes.

The blindfold was on so I couldn't see much but I could see enough.

Zane bent down to my neck and began to slowly kiss me down. He stopped at my breasts and I noticed him taking something out of his pocket.

With a slash my shirt was gone.

"Did you just cut off my shirt?"


My face got even more red and he began to slowly nip at my nipple.

I moaned at this and he began to bite a bit harder until it was hard.

He bit on one and began to rub the other. I moaned again slowly and he stopped playing with my breasts.

He began to kiss down the rest of my chest until he stopped at my pants.

He took the blindfold off of me and smirked.

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