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"All right, initiates," Four says. "Today is your final fight. You will be scored like last time, so fight hard."

"Up first," Eric's voice booms, "are Oliver and Thomas.'

Like Thomas, Oliver is a Candor born transfer. He did not get a chance to fight the other day because of the odd number of transfers, so I am curious to see how he does.

Oliver is nonchalant as he steps up on the platform. Thomas, on the other hand, looks nervous, probably because he had his rear handed to him the last time he fought.

Oliver is the first one to throw a punch. His fist meets Thomas's jaw, causing him to lose balance and stumble backwards. Oliver takes advantage of his opponent's disoriented state and lands another punch to his jaw, causing Thomas to hit the ground.

He waits for Thomas to pick himself up from the floor. Thomas charges at Oliver to try and take him down, but Oliver kicks at his legs, making him tackle the floor instead. He jumps on Thomas and throws a couple punches before Four declares Oliver the winner.

"Up next is Finn," Eric says, scanning the room, "and Jillian."

"Kick that nose's butt," Tera whispers to Finn. He throws a grin over his shoulder before wiping his palms on his black jeans.

He steps up on the platform and lifts his arms to block his face. She tries to punch him a few times but never lands one. He dodges her punches before he pins her down and sends his fist to her cheek, successfully knocking her out.

"Finn wins," Four says.

He walks over to Jillian's limp body and tosses her over his shoulder. I watch him leave the room before focusing my attention on Eric.

"Reid, on the mat," Eric says. His eyes flick between me and Tera before his eyes settle on me. "Reid are Rori are the last fight."

"Good luck," Tera whispers.

I shoot a smile her way before taking a deep breath and stepping up on the platform.

I bring my hands up to guard my face as he steps up on the mat. He is a good half a foot taller than me, and is quite a bit heavier than me.

He swings his fist toward my face, but I dodge it. He charges at me and tackles me to the floor and lands a punch to my jaw. I use all my force to push him off me and scramble up. He stands to his feet and I do the double jab, straight cross technique Eric showed me.

I fake twice with my left before my right fist connects with his jaw. He stumbles backwards and I kick his feet out from under him.

I catch my breath and wait for him to get back up before swinging at him again. He catches my arm and wraps his arm around my neck. I scratch at his arm to try and loosen his hold. My eyes flick to Eric's before an idea pops in my head.

I didn't want to have to do this. I swing my arm back and punch Reid in the groin. He releases me with a groan and collapses on the floor.

"Rori wins," Four says, stepping back onto the platform.

He and Oliver drag Reid out of the training room to the infirmary. I watch them exit the room before stepping down from the mat.

Tera rushes to me and wraps her arms around me, catching me off guard. I haven't been hugged in a long time. I manage a smile and hug her back. We let go and I turn my attention to Eric.

"Impressive," Eric says with a nod. He looks away from me to address the group. "All right, initiates, listen up because I'm not repeating myself. You have tomorrow and the weekend off. Training is at eight on Monday. You are dismissed."

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