Pink Flowers

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A/N: How do you feel about an Attack On Titan fic, or maybe a Maze Runner one? What one do you want?

A/N: How do you feel about an Attack On Titan fic, or maybe a Maze Runner one? What one do you want?

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| Lucy's POV |

Today the second petal fell from the bittersweet flowers. It happened just like last time, it fell and disappeared into light before announcing that it was the second day. I felt to sick to go to the guild yesterday so I just stayed in bed. Natsu tried many times to get in but because everything was locked and the curtains were drawn something must have just told him to leave me alone. 

I had to go to the guild today, my team might have figured out a job by now. Before I left I looked at the flowers one last time, I would take them but that would go against Tsukiko's rules, so I'll just have to countdown and be back before all the petals fall. 

I shut the door to my residence and walked along the path, usually, I would walk along the riverside but it would feel wrong to do that, considering my friend is fighting for her life. 

I had thought about what Tsukiko could be doing that could put her in danger, to the point of killing her. I thought that Master might have given her a mission but then she would have told everyone, so she could only tell one person the truth. Then I thought that maybe she was being held captive but then I remembered that she was watching what I was doing, so that couldn't be it either. Every idea that I thought up, was deflected by something else. I thought she might have been training, but what training could kill her? It just didn't add up. 

I had reached the guild hall and as soon as I had entered I went over and sat with my team. I tried to smile as best I could with what I knew and apologized for my absence yesterday.

My head hurt as I listened to the others, it was a sort of numbing pain, one that stung and seemed to fade at the same time. I had put too much thought into everything and now I was getting the results. There was something else as well, it might have been Tsukiko listening to me, but I didn't think I would be able to feel her in my head. 

Grey told me that he had found a job and that we were leaving now, luckily I had my bag packed already.

We left for the train station, Natsu up front, already arguing with Grey. Erza stood with me at the back, mainly because of her numerous luggage bags. I still have no clue why she brought all of them with her, I guess to test her endurance or something? 

Happy was flying by me, trying to make conversation, I answered to some things that he said but others I was too occupied to answer to. So, in the end, he just gave up. He still flew next to me, at some point even sitting in my folded arms. That's where he stayed, even on the train. 

I didn't know where we were going, and I didn't stop to look at any of the signs around the town when we had arrived. I just walked through ignoring the pointing people and the hurting in my head. It had grown and I was surprised that I had managed to ignore it for so long. It was still numbing pain from before but the numbness was starting to fade, it drove me crazy. I found it kind of crazy really, I mean, how could I be so attached to someone already. I had only spoken to her a few times. So what was it about her that made me need to protect her? It wasn't a love, more of an admiration and the need to keep her safe. She just seemed a lot more important to me. 

I knew that what I felt for her was not love, I wasn't even gay, so it couldn't be. It was a sort of feeling where you see an innocent child and you just need to protect them. I also admired her for some reason. I knew nothing about her and yet she had me wrapped around her little finger. I shook my head as we walked into the forest, I didn't even listen to the briefing beforehand. I just hoped that whatever we were here for was not too difficult to handle. 

Thankfully when we found the monsters they were only low level and rather easy to fight. 

I jinxed it, I totally jinxed it. 

After the last monster fell, and we turned our backs to leave, a monstrous shadow stole our light. As we turned I got one glance at the pink flowers before leaving the ground. I felt the hand of the monster wrap around my torso. It pulled me from my friends and raised me into the air. 

The ache in my head suddenly grew stronger and stronger and I thought that I would pass out. With the monsters tight grip around my body, I was sure that I would pass out at some point. In all honesty, I was surprised I hadn't by now.   

I heard Erza call my name and Natsu shout it shock. Grey was already attacking the monster and I was starting to get cold from the shards that fell off and hit me. The monster was strong and tall. It seemed to be something of a nightmare and I just wished that I would pass out so I didn't have to see it anymore

Happy was with Natsu when I was taken and he flew up to me. He tried with all his might to pry me from this monsters grip, but no matter how much effort was put into it the monster didn't move, in fact it's grip tightened slightly. My breathing was already crazy, now it was just sporadic. I told Happy to stop and that if anyone hit the monster's hand then it would just tighten its grip. He nodded before flying down and telling the others. With Happy now gone, I felt my lungs fill with air again as the monster's grip loosened.

At first, I didn't notice the person next to me, I was so focused on my breathing that I couldn't even open my eyes. 

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