35: Responsibilities

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"Where are we going?"

The words are a slight whisper slithering from between your lips, quiet to the point of almost being inaudible as you work to not wake up Jungkook.

You've been driving for quite a while.

To pass the time and distract you from the beautiful man snoring faintly in your lap, you tried for a while to count the seconds, adding them up in your head to minutes.

You got to around fifteen minutes before your gave up, mentally exhausted and somehow even more bored than before.

"Somewhere safe," Yoongi intones from the front seat. "We can't stay at the house, and they've probably got BB's under surveillance too."

You see his dark, intense eyes glance back at you and Jungkook in he rear view mirror, radiating stability and calm from beneath the black fringe of his hair. "Plus, I don't think Jungkookie can take any more action today. He needs to rest."

Said assassin mumbles lightly in his sleep. His hand slips up and rests under his head, cupping the curve of your thigh.

"How much longer?" you sigh. "My leg is starting to fall asleep from the weight of his massive head."

A small snort of laughter bursts from Taehyung, and he turns around in his seat to look at you. "You guys are adorable. The perfect couple."

"Couple?" You scoff indignantly, like he's just suggested that you drag Jungkook into marriage. "Yeah right. I'm pretty sure penguins will be waddling around in Hell before we become a couple."

Taehyung laughs again, the tone a little mocking, and withdraws back to his place in the front seat to leave you be.

The four of you drive for a little longer, edging into what seems like a suburban area with neatly kept houses squished side-by-side. It's a medium-sized house that Yoongi pulls the car into, a nondescript one with a screen door and a few potted plants littering the entryway. The outside walls are a dull grey color, the structure completely un-unique.

Everything about this house is made to look normal and boring; unnoticeable.

"Here we are," Yoongi grunts, uncoupling his seatbelt. "The others will be her after they...clean up a little."

Oh, yeah. You suppose someone is going to have to dispose of the bodies. You wrinkle your nose at the mental picture of Jimin, Namjoon, Jin and Hoseok hauling the corpses into a hiding place.

A shiver wracks your spine.

"Help me get him out, Tae," murmurs the older man, hopping out of the vehicle. As Taehyung follows suit, you let your eyes fall on the man using you as a personal pillow.

"Wakey wakey," you say flatly, doing your utmost best to not let any sigh of your secretly flustered state show. Gently but firmly, you pat your hand against Jungkook's cheek. "We're here, gimpy."

He doesn't even budge.

The heck?

Taehyung yanks open the door and sees your failing attempts at waking up the giant on your legs.

"Sorry," he says. "He wouldn't wake up if a nuclear war was going on. We might have to carry him in."

"Oh good grief." Yoongi shiver Taehyung out of the space, shouldering his way into the car. "I'll do it. Jin hyung taught me a trick." His pale fingers shoot out and clasp around Jungkook's...


Staring down at his actions with an unreadable face, you say blankly, "What in the ever loving heck are you doing?"

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