chapter 6

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"Awh my pretty lady, how about you go let kenzie or grey to fix you up, while I finish my spaghetti," I said cooing.

"Okey," she said wobbling around.

*Grey's pov*
I was watching the news while drinking some beer when I hear footsteps.

Mia walks into the room wobbling, I smirked and waited for her.

When she sees that I am looking at her, she stares at me back.

"Mimi," was all I had to say until she burst out giggling loudly.

I grab her and lift her into the air up high.

She looks at me and touches my face with her two small hands.

"Grey, I made an oppsy," she said mumbling the words.

"Oh no, did the monster attack you," did it hurt you, bad monster," I said hissing.

I put her down onto the floor and she instantly looked up at me.

"Yesh, and he com and night at huwt Mia and now he made me do an oppsy," she said trying to blame it on anyone but herself.

I instantly snatched her screaming "oh no, let's go kill the monster, king grey and princess Mia slay the monster," I said running up the stairs.

Mia puts her fist into the air and roars.

At that I grabbed her and gave her the biggest hug, squealing like my life depended on it.

She was too damn cute, she is gonna fuck me up.

We ran up the stairs, and I put her on the bed, and stripped her off of her clothes.

She just kept on telling me about the monster.

I carried her and wiped her booty with a wet cloth.

I then put her back down and looked at her.

Her body didn't have hair, she didn't have breasts, her legs and upper body were so short.

I sighed out, we have to take her to a doctor.

I just put my sweater on her and a pair of socks, the boxer kept on dropping the previous time we dressed her that, so I decided against it.

I put her down and Mia screamed so loud.

"There the monster," she said while pointing to the bed.

"Let me grab my monster ditector," I said while grabbing a hanger.

As I was passing the hanger over my bed.

Mia jumped on the bed and began searching for the monster inside the sheets.

Suddenly Kenz rushed into the room carrying a bat in his hands and had a towel wrapped around his hips.

"What the fuck is going on!" He said.

Mia jumped off the bed and went to Kenz, she tried to climb her way up his body, he chuckled and dropped the bat.

"Daddy daddy, we were only slaying da monstew," Mia said struggling up his body.

Kenz chuckled and put his arms under her butt and lifted her up.

"Oh I see, but the only monster here is you," said kenz grinning evily.

Mia looked at us with wide eyes, Kenz threw her onto the bed and climbed on top of her, he lifted up her shirt and mover his hands towards her stomach.

"The tickle monster," she whispered silently.

And just like that, Kenz tickled her stomach and blew butterflies on it.

Mia giggled and shrieked in happiness and I found myself grabbing my phone and taking a video.

Kenz carries our angel and she instantly wrapped around him and sucks her thumb.

We all go down the stairs and Everest is setting up the table.

He was shirtless and his muscles where flexing every once in a while.

But all of us here were shirtless, except Mia.

"Heard you were having fun up there," he said while throwing a cherry tomato in his mouth and winked

"Im so jealous," he said pouting towards Mia.

He then grabbed Mia from Kenz and she instantly wrapped around him too.

Her head was resting on his shoulder while he was cooking and stirring the pot, and talking to her about something.

I never could have imagined Everest like that.

Kenz went to his room to put some pants on and I fixed the table, every once in a while I hear a giggle and a chuckle.

Kenz comes running down the stairs and like the idiot he is, he trips and falls down.

We hear curses and ows and then Mia gasps jumping down from Everest's arms and runs to the stairs.

Mia sits down on kenz's lap and he was still cursing and clutching his foot.

Mia gives him a hug and repeatedly kisses his cheeks.

"Do you want me to give the staiws an owey?" She asked him.

"No baby im Okey, I hurt the floor more than it hurt me," Kenz said winking.

Still, Mia stands and stomps on the stairs.

"Bad bad bad bad bad staiws," she says.

Kenz laughs loudly, he puts his hands under her arms and lifts her up into the sky, she giggled loudly.

"See, IM fine, AMAZING," He says, he then carries her and we all go to eat.

Everest sets down the spaghetti on the table.

We all pour wine but we put mango juice for Mia.

I scoop some spaghetti onto Mia's plate and cut them for her, then I add some sauce.

We all began to eat.

"How about tomorrow we go see the doctor?" Everest asks.

"No thanks," Mia says and continues eating.

"Baby, we have to see a doctor, for your health, I'll make you a deal, if you be a good girl, I'll take you shopping, we can buy you clothes, stuffies, a Binky, toys and anything you want," Kenz said.

"Mmm, ice-cream?" Mia asked.

"Of course ice cream!" Everest said.

After we ate, we all went up and gave Mia a bath.

Then we went downstairs and watched a movie, no more than a few seconds into the movie, we were all long into our dreams.

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