Chapter Ten

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Jake POV:

I kissed her and everything started to feel different. Her lips were eager and demanding more passion from me. The torture she inflicted on me by gazing at me with her beautiful chocolate brown eyes was enough to send me to hell for thinking about the things that I want to do with her.

We pulled away from each other breathing hard. Elena was looking down; her lips were wet and plump from the kiss that we shared. Her hair was a bit of a mess but I kept staring at her to memorize her face at that moment.

"I...I want you to stay with me, tonight". I said and tucked the strand of hair behind her ear.

She looked at me with her hazy eyes and I sucked in a sharp breath, cursing myself for being so weak at that moment.

She didn't answer me but her lips came back crashing on mine in a feverish kiss. I smiled at her and without thinking much I carried her to the nearest room. I placed her on the bed and she scrambled back to give me space to climb on the bed.

I got rid of my shoes and climbed on the bed. She pulled me on top of her catching me of the guard and I saved myself on time from crushing her with my weight.

"Slow down tiger. We don't want to injure you, do we?" I mumbled.

"If the injury is less painful and more passionate then you can injure me. I trust you to know where to stop". She pulled me closer and whispered in my ear.

"You trust me too much". I said feeling her fingers unbuttoning my shirt.

"And you don't trust yourself". She said running her nose into the hollow part of my neck.

I had to close my eyes to stop myself doing anything that will hurt her.

Her hands pushed the shirt back making me get rid of it and they were on chest running and creasing the outline of the muscles.

"You are torturing me and I hope you know this". I said making her smile.

"Here I was thinking that you know how all this works but you're more virgin than me. Either you let me torture you or you torture me". She said biting her lower lip to stop herself from laughing.

I smirked at her teasing statement and decided to tell her what I will be going to do to her.

"If I started to use all the techniques that I have learned by giving up on my virginity then you'll be a writhing mess here in no time". I whispered in her ear making her gasp.

I kissed her bare shoulder making my way to her cleavage and stopped.

"Jake,". She said breathlessly.

Her eyes were shut and the frown was emerging on her forehead on the wait.

My lips made their journey back to her neck and I sucked the small amount of her soft skin in the mouth, biting and caressing it with my tongue. Her left hand gripped my hair, pulling me closer and letting me torture her.

Her right hand was rubbing slow circles on the nape of my neck making me shiver.

"We should stop," I said pulling away from her and looking at her face.

"If you want to stop then it's fine with me. I want to get close to you, not only physically but emotionally. I want to know everything about you". She said placing a soft kiss on my lips.

"Why do you want to know everything about me?" I asked her.

"I want us to be real, Jake. You know how my body reacts when you're near me. I'm attracted to you and to your personality but we still have a huge gap to fill in. So let's focus on getting to know everything about each other". She said smiling.

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