Chapter Nine

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Jake POV:

I went straight to the office, ignoring the people who stopped by to say hello and good afternoon.

I didn't know what was happening to me?

I sat down on the chair and looked for the ledgers that I asked my assistant to put it here.

"Where the hell are the ledgers? Didn't I ask you to put them here on my table?" I said calling my assistant.

"I'm sorry, sir. I'm just getting them". He said and came back with the ledgers.

I felt angry and I had no idea why?

I opened the ledgers and started to check them but concentrating on it seemed impossible. My mind keeps going back to Elena.

I closed my eyes to stop the image of Elena. But only to see Hanna's radiant face playing in my mind.

She was smiling at me, saying something that I couldn't understand. Her smile was beautiful and her black hair was spread on the pillow.

It was a memory of the morning after we spend the first night together. She was on the bed when I came with the coffee that I made for her.

"Jake, so is this one time thing?" She asked me taking a sip of coffee while I was just staring at her.

"I told you that this will be forever". I said.

She smiled at me.

"Sorry, Jake but I cannot drink such a awful coffee daily. You need to learn how to make coffee before you poison me and I'll die". She said laughing but didn't put the coffee cup down.

I frowned at her statement.

"I thought you were talking about us". I mumbled.

She put the coffee cup on the nightstand and pushing the sheets away from here body she crawled to me and sat down my lap. The white t-shirt that I gave her was loose on her and already falling from her shoulder.

"I know, we are forever, so you better start learning how to make coffee Mr. Jake Carter". She said and placed her lips on mine.

I didn't tell her how much I love her that day. I was planning to do something special for such a loving girl.

I laid her down on the bed and she pulled me down capturing my lips in a feverish kiss. I closed my eyes lost in the sensation but when I opened them again there was Elena staring at me with her lovely chocolate brown eyes.

My body jolted away from her and my mind started to spin. I was ready to fell down on my knees, when my eyes snapped open.

I realized that I was in my office and fell asleep on my seat for half an hour.

Why is my mind playing tricks on me?

I cannot do this with Elena. I don't love her. Maybe I'm attracted to her but I don't love her.

Hanna still has my heart and she always will have it. I realized what I did today will only ruin Elena's trust on love.

She will be heartbroken if I wouldn't be able to love her the way I did to Hanna. It felt like cheating on both of them.

Elena needs to stay away from me. I need to stay away from her. We cannot be anything more than friends, maybe not even friends after all this.

I recalled what a beautiful smile she had on her face when I left her in the college. My body might want her but my heart will never be able to want someone more than Hanna.

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