chapter 8

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Everest's pov*
I woke up from a phone call.

"What the fuck do you want," I said over the phone.

"Sir, will you be coming in today? Mark called and asked, he wanted to discuss the new shipping process," said one of the members.

"No, I have things to do, I'll be calling mark later on," I said and hanged up.

I looked at my watch and realized it's already 10.

I decided to wake them all up.

I reentered the leaving room, and I saw everyone sleeping.

Kenz had Mia sleeping on his chest, her legs were around his hips.

Grey had his head on kenz's lap, one of his hands holding Mia's thigh, and the other hand lies casually inside his boxers.

I took Mia off of kenz's chest, I woke her up by kissing her plenty times around her face.

She woke up giggling which made me satisfied.

"Good morning daddy," she said laying her head on my shoulder.

"Oh good morning sunshine," I said resting my chin on her head.

"How about you help me wake up these sleepy heads?" I asked.

She eagerly nodded.

I put her down on the floor, and she jumped onto Kenz.

"Wake up daddy Kenny, wakey wakey sleepy," she said.

He stirred a little in his sleep but kept his yes closed.

"Up up," she screamed in his ears.

He instantly jumped up, but Mia was on his lap.

For a moment my heart stopped.

Mia was literally flying in the air and was gonna hit the floor.

Right before she landed on the floor, Grey's hand reached out and held her back.

He quickly wrapped her around him and bounced her silently.

Mia began crying and clinging onto grey for dear life.

"shh it's okey my baby, my super duper reflexis saved you,"grey said trying to make her feel better.

Kenz and I instantly went to her side and caressed her hair.

"Weren't you sleeping, how did you catch her?" I asked grey.

"Man, I don't know my heart literally crunched and it hurt in my sleep, and when I woke up I just put my hand out as a reflex and there was Mia," he said grasping onto her for dear life too.

After that, we all went upstairs and got ready.

I borrowed a dress from my cousin who is 10 and it fit perfectly on Mia.

Kenz, grey and I, were dressed in suits.

It's because we are CEOs too.

We decided to get something for breakfast on the way to the doctors.

I sat in the driver's seat, grey sat beside me, and Kenz sat behind with Mia on his lap because we know the cops will ask why she doesn't have a carseat.

I looked through the mirror and my angel was sucking on Kenz thumb.

Kenz was looking down at her while kissing her every few seconds.

Grey was beside me on his laptop taking care of some business.

We are trying, illegally, to make Mia ours because there is no legal way.

"Mia do you want to know something about your daddies?" I asked.

She turned her vision from the road to me.

She mumbled a yes.

"Long time ago, when your daddies and I were small, we couldn't even pay for pankakes, we used to eat mud and drink dirty water. Our parents, they never got any sort of education, so they didn't have proper jobs. No our parents were not siblings or related, but we all were born the same way, that's how we know each other, from the filthy roads. We went to public libraries and we read, and we learned and at night, we used to sneak off and a guy called Hassan used to help us study and learn. Now, why would a guy help poor people for no money? It was because he himself was very bad when he was young, he used to do things we'll call no no's, he had a wife, who died because of it. When his wife died he decided to turn around his life and do something good. So he helped us, however one night, bastards called the broochpon gan attached him, because apparently Hassan took some of their money before as a loun. They killed him, his life ended there. He was such a good man, and becouse of him, we made a mafia to stop bastard and make sure no one does no no's, and through the things he tought us, we built an organisation, and through that organisation companies, and we help poor people, like we were, to be educated, feed, and cared for, that is why we took you in the first day we found you, to help you. So when we are in public you need to raise your head up walking with us, because you are with men who saved millions of people from poverty, and we worked hard," I said.

At that moment, I was parking the car.

"My daddies are heroes?" She says sniffling and turns out she was crying.

She gets off of kenz's lap and jumps to the front seat, she sits on my lap and smaches her lips onto mine.

I was taken back for a moment, but regained composure, I held her face in my hands while she held my cheeks in hers.

After a few seconds she pulled away.

She turned to grey and did the same thing.

And then went back to Kenz and also gave him a kiss.

"You're so fucking precious," I say in a hushed voice.

She giggles and we all get out of the car.

Mia made grabby hands towards grey and he carries her and buckles her onto his lip.

She rests her head on his chest and we all walk into the doctors clinic.

They sit down in the waiting room while I go sign us in.

While I was signing the papers the nurse says to me, "that is a nice family you got there sir, the little girl is so cute," I smile and hand her the papers.

I go join them in the waiting room, not ready for what the doctor has to say.

I wanted it to be clear that it will not be a cliche story, these men deserve what they have and worked really hard for it.

Please vote and comment what you felt, and tell you who is you fav character and wether or not these men deserve being CEOs.


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