Chapter 32

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You're not going to like how this email is going to end. First thing, I forgive you. Sorry I snapped at you. It is no secret that women hate their man talking about other women. Yes I've fallen for you too. But we both know that I've been harboring these feelings for a VERY long time. Despite maintaining what we call "friend" status. That flew out the window when we started sending each other pictures. Which brings me to my main problem. The future. Our future. My future. Yours as well. 

I desperately need to move forward with my life. I find it difficult to do so because I feel like I'm tied to you. When actually I am not. I don't want to tell you who I am because truth is, I am afraid of what you'll think of me when you find out who I really am. 

I've got a huge opportunity to move on with my life. I've taken it. So this is the last email I'll be sending you. I'll be deactivating this account soon enough. I want you to know that this, is difficult for me. But it needs to be done. 

I will ALWAYS be thinking of you, praying for you. Just promise me, you'll be safe. I dream of the day we can go for concerts together, to go to parties together. But those are just.. dreams.

Remember, when you love someone, you love them with everything in you. You'd do anything and everything for them. That is love. 

I love you Talen. I know you love me too.

That e-mail was imprinted into his mind. Talen watched her rush out of the venue, her nana and Jon looked at him in surprise.

He walked to them and asked "You guys knew all the while?"

"We have nothing to say. You know where she lives right?" Jon said.

"Of course." Jon walked out to the valet area and waited for his car to arrive.

His mind was reeling, his gut was right all the while. His angel, his baby girl was in front of him all the time. 

The sleek Aston Martin pulled up moments later and he got in and stepped on it. He headed to Malibu, speeding like his life depended on it.

Orient Bay was the name of the beach side condominium she lived in. The security was tight, it was as if the place was The White House. Talen hoped Jon came through by putting his name on the guest list to enter.

Thankfully, he did. Once he parked, he crossed the marble floored lobby that rivaled any 5 star hotel.

"Talen!" a voice called him and he turned to see Bree and Claire waiting in the corner.

"You're going to need this to access her floor's level. Don't mess it up man. She digs you a lot." Bree handed him a key card for the lift.

"Thanks guys." he entered the lift and pressed for the 35th floor. The metal doors opened and he trudged the quiet hallway and stood in front of the door with the gold embossed numbers '351'.

He took a deep breath and rang the bell.

Kat was in her room, packing her things up. She wanted to run again. Run off to anywhere but here. Talen looked like he saw a ghost when she said what she said. Just as she was about to zip her bag shut, the door bell rang.

Nana! How could she be so foolish to have left without telling Jon and nana!

"You guys, I'm so sorry--" she swung the door open, only to find Talen standing there.

His hair was ruffled, as if he had run his fingers through it out frustration, many times. Which was exactly what he had been doing.

Talen entered her hall and shut the door, without even waiting for her to ask him to, because he knew she wasn't going to.

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