chapter 10

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*Grey's pov*

If I can describe the mansion a week back, I could easily describe it with two simple words:
Empty, silent.

However, now, there aren't enough words to describe it.

Unconsciously, this little girl, changed us.

She made us laugh, when we always used to frown.

She made us want to dance and go on dates, be romantic, shower someone with love, and much more when we used to only care about our jobs.

She filled a void, in a matter of few days, yes I am aware of that.

And I am thankful more than I am scared.

Scared of what?
Scared of how quickly and greatly she affected us.

So that's why, I am in a waiting room, nervously tapping my foot on the floor.

One look at the girl, and you would think she never had protein in her life.

Her bones that pop up from under her skin, her empty chest, her thin and colourless face, makes it seem that there is more to the story.

She is currently laid down on Everest's lap playing with his hand.

Next to him, she looks even smaller.

After a few minutes, the nurse informs us that the doctor is waiting for us.

We all hurriedly stand up and follow the nurse to the clinic.

"Good day mates, I'm doctor Theodore, but you can call me Theo," the doctor puts out his hand for us to shake.

After we all shook his hands, the doctor looks at Mia and crunches his eyebrows, "now who do we have here?" He says.

Mia was wrapped around Everest, her head layed on his chest and her index finger was in her mouth.

She looked at us nervously, we all nodded our heads reassuringly.

"Mia," she mumbled.

"What a pretty name, it's like a princess's " Theo says.

"Alrighty, you can lay her down on the stretcher," Theo adds as he puts on some gloves.

"How old are you?" He asks me.

"She is 18, " I say

"Wow! Little lady I could have sworn you were 12," he says surprised.

Mia didn't seem fazed at all.

"Okey dokey, let's see your height,"

He leads us to a wall covered with lines and labeled with numbers.

We take off mia's shoes and she stands at the wall.

"Wow, a shortie, 4'8" he says, but the expression on his face wasn't good or reassuring.

We also took her weight.

"Umm, 66 pounds," he said.

"Okey little girl, we are gonna do something, I want you to be brave for us, okey?" The doctor says hike bending down to Mia.

"We have a small, pin, it will pinch a little, but it won't hurt, now this magic pin let's us see what's in your blood! Isn't that cool?!" Theo says excitedly "I promise I'll give you a nice big loli pop, deal?"

"Mimi your so lucky, I mean not only will you see what's in your blood but also a loli?!" I say trying to make the deal seem important.

"Deal," Mia says.
She cried.

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