Chapter 18: Magic Lesson

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"And if you were to ask me
After all that we've been through
Still believe in magic?
Well yes, I do" 

Coldplay, Magic

Too worn out to find out the meaning of that glance, the second she had received that day, she followed her group outside, dragging her wet bags, thinking that finally she could have warm clothes and something to eat.

And then maybe she could go to sleep.

 The daemon, Len, brought them to a big tent at the end of the village near the forest, and informed them it was the one nearer the cave where resided their dragons

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The daemon, Len, brought them to a big tent at the end of the village near the forest, and informed them it was the one nearer the cave where resided their dragons.

The tent was simple, but at the same time spacious and comfortable. At the centre there was a fireplace that illuminated and warmed the room and, around it, simple camp beds. On the other side there were some cabins where they could change in privacy and a small bathroom with a simple shower, sink and toilet. All an all, it resembles a bit like a camping site and it was still ten times better than Lily's attic at the Orphanage.

They immediately took their wet armoured off and changed in warm clothes brought by a young daemon girl, along with something hot to eat and drink to warm themself.

In the end they were all so tired and worn out that the only thing they managed to do was nibble something and then hit their beds hard and become death for the rest of the world.

They all slept peacefully, not moving a muscle for all night, except for Emma and David, who had snored loudly for the most part, but went unheard to the rest of the riders.

The next morning, they ate some breakfast made of bread and dried meat that was given to them by the same girl of the night before, munching them outside under the curious gazes of the village, that was easily returned.

Lily grimaced when, opening her bags, saw the conditions of her favourite book. Victor too had brought with him some, and both of them had left them outside their tent under the warm sun, feeling their hearts constrict at the sight of the wet pages, hoping they would simply dry and not ruin further. Lily personally was feeling a sense of loss at the book that had been so important to her.

They all dressed up with the new set of simple clothes given by the daemon that consisted in simple t-shirts and light trousers, hanging out their wet ones. And, like they had promised Beth, put their daggers under the clothes in their special pockets that could be taken off the suits.

Arya weren't there when they woke up and the director, before going to a meeting with Talutah, had quickly told them to follow him, voice hard and cranky from whatever was bothering him, and escorted them to the clearing where they had arrived the night before where their dragons were waiting with their two new teachers, both sorcerers. Then left without many words in the company of the two strange people.

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