Chapter 5

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"Hey, Levi! Tell her what to do, she is listening!" Jean said.

"Follow me" Levi commanded and started walking off in the direction of their destination. Shortly after the female titan got up and walked after Levi with Hanji happily dangling from her hair, everyone once again stared in shock, it seemed to be a common occurrence whenever she was around.

They continued walking for hours, the female titan seemed to be getting really irritated at the pace they were going, given that one step for her was about forty steps for them. She even decided to sit down and wait until they were at a reasonable distance to catch up to. None of the titans dared to break the barrier line that they have created in fear of the female titan.

"It looks like we overestimated our rations," reported Erwin, " it should all be finished by nightfall, if not before then", he was telling Levi something he already knew he noticed, a few hours back as he had run out of water as well.

"Dammit, we are going too slow, we don't have enough gas to get us anywhere near the base and running out of food is not going to make us move faster," Levi said, frustration apparent in his voice, this unsettled the female titan, she visibly started twitching. She let out a terrifying screech, all titans that were anywhere near the invisible disappeared from sight. She got up from where she was sitting and ran off in a random direction. This naturally caused everyone to panic.

"I guess she got irritated by our constant demands," Jean said, trying to sound nonchalant, but one could clearly hear the fear creeping into his voice.

"Stay alert!" Levi shouted, also taken aback by the titans flight.

"What should we do?" Erwin asked, still staring in the direction where the titan disappeared in.

"Nothing, we can't do anything," Armin said making his presence known for the first time in a while.

"Oh come on, we can't lose all hope, the odds might be stacked against us but we sh-" Eren tried but was interrupted, Mikasa,

"She has Hanji," Eren's eyes widen in shock,

For the first time in a long time, the scouts felt completely and utterly hopeless.

There weren't any trees to hide in, they were in barren lands with only shrubs nearby. They were out in the open, sitting ducks.

"We should have never depended on that stupid b-" someone's angered statement was interrupted by the ground starting to tremble, it felt as if they were experiencing an earthquake.

Panic started to skyrocket, only titans could cause the earth to shake beneath them the way it was. The strongest fighters immediately circled the group, readying themselves to use their manoeuvre gear, Eren stood ready, his hand near his mouth.

Just then the female titan came back into sight, she was running, from nothing, in particular, every step she took made the ground shake. She seemed to be carrying something in her hand.

"Is that trees?" Jean asked, looking at the scene, he immediately started laughing,

"This bitch, endangered us for trees?!" He started laughing even harder.

When she finally arrived back at the group, she dropped the trees into the ground.

They were apple trees. They couldn't believe it. She brought them food, she then I opened the palm of her other hand, it was full of the carcasses of cattle, a lot of cattle. Which she put right in front of Levi, looking at him awaiting his reaction, which was a curt nod. That seemed to be enough for her, because she then turned her gaze back to her bloody hand and wiped it on the ground next to her. She then looks at the crowd, then untouched food, then back to them.

"Well, you can all starve, I will take what I can get," Jean said, started to skin a boar, everyone seemed to waken from their trance and started making fires to cook the meat, while eating apples.

"Wait, where's Hanji?" Erwin asked standing next to Levi,

"I'm right here," Hanji said, sitting crossed-legs on the tree trunk with a pile of apples in her lap, her face glistened from apples that already became victims to her.

"Well?" He asked expecting her to explain what occurred on their little voyage,

"She doesn't have any intentions on leaving the group and seems to have a little crush on Levi" she concluded, a thump to the head shortly followed after,

"Idiot" Levi muttered retracting his fist that just connected with Hanji's head.

"But it's true, she only ever listens when you give her the command." She said rubbing her head. Levi just glared.

Night began to fall, the female titan watched Levi as he once again set up his tent,

"Hey Levi, wanna share a tent tonight?" A random scout asked, liquor could be smelled on her breath, her hand on her hip, trying her best to look seductive.

"No," he replied not even giving her a second glance, she then wrapped her arms around his waist

"Come on baby, we both need it." She slurred, Levi looked at her in disgusted,

"Go away, that's an order," he said darkly, which had no effect on her drunken self, she just snuggled harder.

The female titan finally decided that she had seen enough, so she reached down a separated the drunk from Levi and flicked her, sending her a couple of yards away. Levi looked up at the titan with a smirk.

"Careful monster, someone could get hurt" he warned, however, the amusement on his face crept into his voice, which made the titan smirk back.

She then laid back in fetal position again, this time she face Levi's tent, Hanji could be seen with a pillow and blanket getting cosy on the titan's hip.

Levi decided to retire for the night,

"Goodnight monster," he muttered, once he was laying on his side in his tent.

She responded with a loud grunt. 

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