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"I see their flag." I lower my voice and crouch down. "We need to figure out how to get it without getting shot."

"Their flag is in plain sight," Finn says, crouching down behind me. "Why would they do that?"

"To make us think we've won," Four says. "They're probably waiting to ambush us."

That's actually kind of smart. I mean, we cannot touch the flag if we get shot, so there's no point in making the flag impossible to find, especially when it is at the very top of the tallest building at the Navy Pier.

"I hope you have some ideas, Four," I say, "because I have none."

He stays quiet for a few seconds, his eyes trained on the tall building in front of us, before speaking up. "I actually do have an idea, but we'll have to wait until Group Two starts distracting."

"Let's hear it," Finn says.

"We're going to go into the building together," Four says. "Finn and I are going to lead the way and fire at the other team to keep you from getting painted. You'll get the flag."

"Shouldn't someone else get the flag?" I say. "I mean, I came up with our plan and divided everyone."

"That's why you should get it," Four says. "Besides, you are shorter and smaller than both of us, meaning you are faster and less likely to be seen."

"He's right," Finn says. "It'll be easier for you to sneak around."

"All right," I say. "Let's do it."

My head snaps up at the sound of guns going off. Six members of the opposing team rushes out of the building with their guns raised.

"They have six or less still inside," Four says. "Their attention is diverted so now is the best time."

"Let's go," I say in a hushed tone.

Four and Finn sprint to the entrance of the building with me following close behind them. Four peeks his head in, making sure the coast is clear, and pulls the door all the way open. I shut it softly behind me.

As we tiptoe up the stairs, my heart starts to beat fast, partly because I am out of breath. I don't want to lose and disappoint my team. I overheard a Dauntless born say that we are going to be scored on this, and I don't want to disappoint my team if I don't get the other team's flag.

Four stops abruptly and ushers for us to stop. He creeps up a few more stairs before popping up and firing his gun twice. I glance up and see two members from the other team with splatters of paint on their shirts. Their shoulders sag and pass us going down the stairs, muttering incoherent words under their breath.

"Nice shots, Four," I say with a smile.

He shoots me a glance and his mouth twitches upward. "Thanks."

We reach the top of the stairs without any complications. We tiptoe to the doorway of the top floor. Four peeks his head into the doorway before stepping into the room. He fires a shot and I hear a groan before another shot is fired. Four backs out the room with a bright yellow splash of paint on the front of his jacket. Four holds up two fingers once out of the room safely, indicating that there are two people still inside.

Finn takes a deep breath before he bursts in the room firing shots left and right. He comes out of the room with a couple of splatters of blue paint. He holds up one finger and I take a deep breath.

"Think that's all of them?" a voice I don't recognize says.

"Probably," Eric says. "There's a slim chance that there's someone on that team that hasn't been shot."

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