Epilogue (Edited)

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"How are you this morning my love?" Drew asked and I smiled as I turned in bed to answer him.

"I feel great, everything is perfect." I sighed to which he kissed my lips chastely, before placing a more intense kiss upon my lips.

Not wanting to let things go too far, I decided on pushing away from him and hopping out of bed.

"No, stay with me just for a few more minutes." He begged and I smirked at his request.

"A few more minutes is exactly how we ended up with 'a few more children'." I tease.

His eyes darken and he gets up and walks over to me, and I take notice of how low his boxers were riding on his hips.

"D-Drew." I warn him, to no avail.

His lips trace down my neck and toward my collar bone where my Alpha's mark stained by his canines so long ago.

It had been a few years since that day in the clearing...well more than a few years.

Owen was well out of high school, my two twin boys were not too far behind and my youngest son was in training.

When Bryce was born, we knew he was special as he possessed qualities unlike any other Lycan. He rolled over within the first month of his life, he started crawling at three months of age and by six months he was walking normally.

My two other dear boys, although special and wonderful in our eyes did not do so. They had shifted of course but their development was completely normal.

Bryce's eyes were golden and they sparkled with dominance, it was clear to us from an early age that he was to become Alpha of the House Lican.

Owen had fulfilled his duties as Beta from the age of nine, and what a fine Beta he was. Courageous and caring and daring like his father, he was the perfect fit for the Beta title and I was proud of him every day that he grew.

The gods had truly blessed us with a favorable family and for that I was grateful, Drew was still Alpha and the pack had become one of the strongest in the nation. After our departure from the Ruber Ventus pack, Alpha Jason passed away from grief and sickness following soon after the death of Michael.

Nile was to take the title of Alpha which came as a surprise to all of us, as Alex had been wanting that position since his father passed. It was said he decided to take a life of peace and normalcy after seeing the events of the war. But nevertheless Nile's name day came and the responsibility was bestowed upon him. He carried it well, and soon he met his mate Lauren. She was a kind and respectable woman who came from a neighboring pack, and gods was he smitten with her.

Their engagement was announced not but a few weeks ago, and we had yet to receive wedding invitations. Jake was traveling throughout the states in search of his mate, and also on duty for his new Alpha for business.

Alex and his mate had moved away quite some time ago, upon their departure her attitude towards me hadn't changed much but in my eyes I could see the happiness she brought to Alex. They were expecting their first child I was told, a girl as Jake had informed us when he was passing through our lands.

The sound of my robe dropping to the floor broke me from my thought and I gasped as Drew's fingers danced along my bare body.

"You smell different." He breathed in my scent and I furrowed my brow.

"Do I? Sounds like I need a shower." I sighed as his hands reached my breasts, cupping them in his large hands.

"I'd be happy to help you with that." He spoke huskily as his hands traveled further down towards my hips.

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