Chapter 2

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The next couple of weeks had passed with basketball at the forefront of my mind. I wasn't allowed to dwell on Lauren too much because my time was spent still trying to prove that I deserved a spot on the basketball team. The first day of school had come upon us and the love of my life had been ignoring my very existence. I called and texted her, even so much as going to her house to see what the hell was going on but I never received anything in return. When I went to her house, she obviously had her family lie to me because it was very easy to tell with the sympathy that covered their faces every time they had to answer the door for me. I could see Lauren in her room at times and I would try to get her attention but it never worked in my favor. I planned on somehow cornering her at school so I could confront her and see what was going on. I wasn't able to compare our classes together since she was ignoring me so that was going to make my job even harder than it was already going to be. So by the time I needed to get ready for school, I dressed myself in a white Supreme hoodie, a jean jacket, black pants, and my black Vans.

I sighed to myself and grabbed my bag before heading downstairs for the walk to school. My parents were still sleeping so I didn't bother them on my way out. I pulled my hood over my head and took my time on the walk to school. I shoved my headphones in my ears and blasted my music so that I could mentally prepare myself for the day. I couldn't go anywhere or deal with anyone if I didn't have my headphones. The walk wasn't too long, but I hadn't left the house with much time to spare so by the time I had made it to school, the bell had already rung. I sighed to myself and started heading towards my first period class which I still had yet to find. I knew this was going to be a long day as soon as I found my first class only for me to realize that Lauren was not in it. Every time for the rest of the day, I had to search up and down and left and right for the girl of my dreams only for my efforts to fall in vain. By the time lunch rolled around, I was about ready to give up.

One of my best friends, Ally, came up to me while I was sitting alone at one of the tables in the cafeteria. I was receiving many stares that I didn't know what the reason was, but I tried to ignore everyone as best as I could. I mindlessly picked at my food until my best friend came to sit down next to me. "Hi Y/N/N." Her cheery voice sounded throughout my ears and I couldn't help but allow my lips to twitch up in the form of a small smile. No matter my mood, Ally was always there to pick me up when it needed to be done. I lifted my fork up in the form of a response before I went back to pushing the shitty food around on the styrofoam plate. Ally pouted as she set up her lunch next to mine. "Is something wrong?" She asked in a more sympathetic tone. That's what I loved about my best friend; she knew what to talk about and when to become more serious if it was needed. She was very motherly and I could rely on her for anything.

"Not really." I sighed out after a couple seconds of silence. My shoulders lifted in a shrug, not knowing if I should tell her or not. Then again, I tell Ally pretty much everything because she's been my mental stability for years when no one else has been there besides Lauren, and she's not here right now. "I've just been looking for Lauren. I can't find her anywhere and I think it's because she's trying to avoid me." I admitted and finally set down my fork. I had my elbow on the table so that my hand could hold up my head out of exhaustion. Ally rose her eyebrow as she took a bite of her salad. I never knew how she could eat salad but then again, the shit from the school is probably ten times worse than anything else. I subconsciously pushed the styrofoam plate away from me at the thought. I focused my attention back on my best friend after she had begun talking from where she sat across the table from me.

"Why would she be avoiding you? You guys are literally inseparable." Ally commented while picking more of her salad with her fork. I took a swig of the milk that came with the lunch and held back a grimace at the taste. I hated school food. I shrugged my shoulders once more and set the empty milk carton on the plate. "Did you guys have a fight or something? You always get past those within like an hour because you two can't handle being away from one another. Especially you. You take the blame even if it was her fault so you guys can go back to being on good terms." Ally knew of my crush on my other best friend, and she tried to help me out as much as she could whenever she could. She kept my darkest secrets for me even when I couldn't keep them to myself, but she was absolutely right. Although, Lauren and I didn't get into a fight this time. I just didn't know if our situation was better or worse than fighting yet.

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