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"What happened? I thought he loved me and cherishes me?" I cried a river of tears.

Since that day I've became a lazy ass pig.

All I've done are eat junk foods, laid on my bed while watching Anime or The Simpsons. Or sat on my couch and watched tv. But mostly my bed since every time my mom sees me on the couch, for hours watching tv, she hits me with her newspaper.

I bailed on my daily workouts like yoga and never went back to the gym since the sad and horrifying day.

I think I've gained 15 pounds.

My mom though, freaked out about the weight I've been gaining and forced me to deliver mail, by walking! I disagree a lot and we had plenty of arguments, but then I ended up deciding that I'll use my bike.

The deliveries didn't last long. And I just gave up and continued watching shows.

My mom just sighed and finally lets me do my own thing.

Meanwhile my dad just stayed silent. This week he left for his job in London and will be back in a couple of months. And I had to deal with my freaking out mom.

I was eating some potato chips with some peanuts and some sour candies. My side snacks were chocolate sticks and my drink was Sprite.

I put my feet on the coffee table and searched for some interesting shows on the tv.

I was so glad my parents bought this couch. It was comfortable and cozy.

Today I thought it was the same routine. Wake up, shower, eat, watch shows and eat more junk food. But it was totally different.

As I was watching tv my mom saw glaring at me. I swear it scared the death out of me.

"Yes mom?" I said switching the channel.

"Get your lousy feet off my coffee table." She said in gritted teeth. I immediately took my feet off the table.

I thought she would leave me alone when she started hitting me on the leg with her newspaper. "Maine! You have to get a job!" She kept on hitting me.

"Okay! Fine! Fine!" I stood up. "Geez." I never knew getting hit by newspaper several times would hurt so many times.

Soon then...

"Umm, no." The guy said coldly. He was still looking at my over gained body.

Damn, I got all dressed for nothing.

I sighed walking down the street. It was my 3rd interview that day. I couldn't believe how many stores needed workers but I couldn't get one job!

Then my eyes found the golden ice cream shop. Which made me drool. No Maine, you have to find a job or your mad mom will kick you out of your house.

Just when I saw a poster saying Need a job? Get one here now! (Not a scandal.)

It looked suspicious but I ignored it and entered the shop. It was a store full of wooden statues. Some freaked me out but I continued walking.

"Looking for a job?" A smooth voice said behind my ear that almost freaked me out.

"Geez, Miss, you shouldn't do that to customers." I inhaled slowly trying to catch my breath. But when I looked at the person. It was a man. His grey hair was wrapped around a pink fabric. He's body was full of tattoos, I saw cause most of his chest was covered by a brown scarf. And most wasn't covered at all.

He looked like Jafar from Aladdin.

"Yes or no?" The guy asked, he didn't even get concerned that I mistakenly assumed his gender.


"Well okay." He smiled a bit weirdly. "Sit down." He patted a wooden chair besides his black leather one.

I went home and sat on my couch. I couldn't believe it was that hard to get a job.

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