Angry and Satisfied

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Zachary's pov

I chuckled. Mr. Cross was a very funny business man and we get along pretty well. He's 5 years older than me. But it felt like he was my childhood best buddy.

I turned around still smiling when I saw someone that I didn't expect too see.

Maine. My Maine. Well used to be, my Maine.

What the fuck was she doing here?

I was confused.

"Mr. Millifa our lunch reservation is waiting." Mr. Rose interrupted me.

"You know beating the crap out of that lobster won't do any good. I suggest you used this." Mr. Rose showed me a knife. I pushed my plate to him. He just sighed and smiled. "You should really find a wife so she can help you open a lobster." He said seriously but in a joking way.

"I bet Ms. Owen will be a good pick." He said. I didn't reply to that.

Yes, I had a girlfriend, Kaitlyn. I've been dating her for 3 years now. My mom finally convinced me to date her after a year of Kaitlyn getting clingy and asking me every day for her to be my girlfriend.

She wasn't that bad, but she wasn't....

"Ahem." Mr. Rose interrupted me for the second time. He passed me the plate full of lobster meat. The shells were already thrown away.

"You know Ms. Owen isn't that bad." Mr. Rose said reading my mind.

My parents told me that Mr. Rose has been a Miliffa assistant for 40 years. They said he was nice. But Mr. Rose was really creepy considering he knows what I think all the time!

"But I know you don't see Ms. Owen like that. Your eyes are only for..."

"I don't what your talking about." I glared at him. "Excuse me I need to use the washroom."

This restaurant was for rich people. It even had golden plates. I always come here all the time.

I looked at the mirror.

Maine you will not ruin my plan.

Maine's pov

"Maine is something wrong?" Melida asked waving her hand at my face.


"Seems like there is, since you've been dropping every single spoon full of food on the table." Jack said.

"Oh." I looked down on my table seeing a pile of food. "Oops." I truly felt sorry. It was my first day here and I'm already messing up. Why was I getting worried? "Where's the paper towel?" I asked.

"Bathroom. 7th floor is way better. The bathroom on this floor Is really gross." Melida said looking truly disgusted.

Okay then.

Everyone acts so fancy around here and yet they can't even clean the 5th floor bathroom?!

I sighed. I walked to the elevator.

As soon as the elevator door opened there were a bunch of people. They looked like they all came from Hawaii. Since there clothing said it all. I smiled and one dude closed the door.

I guess I'll wait for the next one.

Finally the elevator door opened. My eyes widened when I saw the person I least wanted to see while working here. Zachary.

He just stared at me like I was a stranger. STUPID JAFAR LOOKING DUDE GETTING ME INTO A JOB WITH MY EX?!

The elevator was like a mirror. I see Zachary staring at me. Which I tried to pretend not to notice and looked somewhere else than his dark chocolate and attractive brown eyes.

This is no time to fantasize! Seriously? Dark chocolate and attractive brown eyes?

Why the heck is this elevator taking an infinity to get on the 7th floor?!

Finally it was 0n the 7th floor.

I was rushing to the bathroom when suddenly someone grabbed my wrist. It was Zachary staring at me, no glaring at me.

He pushed me to the wall in the corner of the hallway. The lights were dimmer in the corner. "Long time no see, Maine." His breath tickled on my neck. Oh, his deep husky voice. STOP IT MAINE! THIS IS NOT THE TIME!

"What's wrong darling? Cat got your tongue?" He smirked.

I finally snapped out of my mind and said, "Don't you dare call me darling! After you left me and broke my heart without any reason, you have no right to call me darling."

Zachary's pov

"Don't you dare call me darling! After you left me and broke my heart without any reason, you have no right to call me darling." She mumbled the last part heartbreakingly.


My tensed was gone and I brushed my hand behind her back.

If only she knew.

She pushed me off and ran away.

I was heartbroken. I was truly disappointed in myself for breaking her heart. That I broke her heart after we promised long ago that we'll never break each others heart. And I broke that promise.

"FUCK! FUCK THIS BULLSHIT!" I yelled throwing my organized papers on the floor. I want to tell her soo bad. But I can't cause I'm took weak to stand up for her and to protect her!

I gripped my hair and sat on my chair.

"Sir? Sir? Is everything alright?" Mr. Rose knocked on the door.

"Yes, just not feeling to well." He entered my office. "Will you come and drink with me?"

"You know drinking doesn't solve every single problem in the world." He smiled.

"Then what do you think will?" I said drinking down a shot of tequila. The bar was very fancy, it was a bit dark and only a few people were here.

"Confronting your feelings and standing up for yourself."

"Tsk, like that'll ever happen." There was no more tequila in my shot glass. "Miss, a bottle of vodka, please." I said to the blonde girl with green eyes who was the bartender. She winked at me and nodded.

Mr. Rose looked at me worriedly. "What?" I asked. He just shook his head and smiled.

"Sir, I think its time to leave you've already drank 6 bottles." Mr. Rose said.

"I'm fine Henry. You don't always have to take care of me."

"But sir, I am your assistant. And your parents obediently asked me to take care of you while there out of sight. Speaking of parents. Your Family will arrived here tomorrow." He checked his watch.


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