The Vicious Angry Mother

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Maine's pov

"Here you are." Melida gave me a professional outfit like what everyone wore who worked here.

So far I haven't even explored this whole building. Only the 5th floor were our office is. The main floor and the cafeteria. And the hallway of the 7th floor. I remembered what happened yesterday it made me weak and sad.

I put on the dress.

It hid my extra fats I've been growing from eating junk food. I swear the whole dress would give me a lot of trouble since it was tight. Okay, Maine! You have to exercise! Starting today!

I was just looking around the building since the guy who brought me to my office to meet 4 wonderful people, well half since the other two don't really talk a lot. Mr. Rose told me to memorize the building. It was going to be long since there were 15th floors.

Zach's pov

I woke up with a painful headache. I was laying on my couch that was in my living room. When a sudden noise woke me up.

"How could you Henry? How could you make my son drink 6 bottles of alcohol?!" My mom yelled at Mr. Rose.

"Darling, Enna, it isn't Henry's fault. Our son can do whatever he wants." My dad said trying to calm down my mom.

"But Robert! Our son is the CEO! He just can't do lousy things when people are counting on him!" My mom said tiredly.

"Zachary." Mr. Rose said happy when he saw me awake holding my forehead from my painful hangover. He was also happy knowing my parents could take it out on me instead of him.


"Mom, my head hurts stop yelling." I groaned.

"And who's fault is that?" She replied back.

"Son, you know today is a very big day. You shouldn't went out drinking." My dad sat besides me and rubbed my back. My dad and I get along pretty well. My mom was another story. Ever since I was young she ordered me around all the time. And took me to study 6 different types of language and study other things all the time.

She was very demanding.


I forgot all about today! I was supposed to meet with Mr. Maren a millionaire and talked about buying one of his buildings that was insanely popular.

And the meeting was in an hour!

And my parents and my sister came to see if I'm worth to be a CEO. They are going to watch me present in the meeting with Mr. Maren.

My parents left my house and I took a shower and got ready.

I was eating breakfast when Mr. Rose said, "Zach, we don't have enough people to serve there lunches."

"What? Don't we have 50 people in our kitchen?" I asked annoyed. I didn't want any mistakes today.

"Apparently half of them got food poisoning." Mr. Rose stabbed the pieces of hot dogs that was on his plate.

It was normal for Mr. Rose to have breakfast, lunch, and supper with me. He was like an Uncle to me.

"Food poisoning?"

"Long story short, we need at least 5 more people or so, that can serve the food." He said.

"Fix this problem before Mr. Maren and his staff have lunch." I said through gritted teeth.

Damn I still have this fucking hangover.

Maine's pov

I was in the lobby just looking around when I accidentally bumped into this woman that looked like a model. She had big brown wavy hair and she was wearing really red lipstick. She had this beautiful smile.

"Oh, I'm sorry." She looked like she worked here or some other popular business, so I bowed my head.

"Oh, no, no. It's my fault." She lifted my chin up like she knew me for a long time. "I'm Emily by the way." She smiled again with her beautiful smile.

"Oh, okay." I said awkwardly she was too beautiful that I couldn't even talk. I always wanted to be like her. To get someone to meet my eyes and get charmed by my gorgeous looks.

Someone called her name. "Sorry darling, I better go." She smiled and left. She went to a boy much younger than me that was in a tuxedo.

Seems like everyone was in a tuxedo in this building.

"Psst." I turned around seeing Melida.

"What?" I said going her way.

"Did you know who you were talking too?" She whispered-yell.


"That was Emily! Emily Maliffa! Our boss's sister!" Zach had a sister? Why do I feel like I never knew anything about him.

I was in our office just doing my work. When somebody knocked on the door. It was Mr. Rose pointing at me. I went outside to the hallway.

"Ms. Lessy do you know how to serve?" He said talking with his British accent. He was standing tall and proud even at his age he could still stand straight.

"I've worked a couple jobs that acquired serving." I said confused.

"Okay I have another task for you."

My my my. This apron fits me well. I was looking at the mirror. I was wearing a red shirt and red pants with an apron. I tied my hair in a low ponytail.

Mr. Rose told me earlier about this task. And it was to serve some important people.

I looked around the huge kitchen. Staff were cutting and wearing those big chef hats. It was like I was in Ratatouille. My favourite movie.

"Hey." Melida said. I saw her in the same outfit. And behind her was Jack, Patrick, and James. The three boys were wearing the same outfit as us but in guy clothes.

"You guys are serving too?" My eyes lit up. Melida nodded and smiled.

"This is usually a fancy cafeteria for people who work here. But when special guest like Mr. Maren comes here for lunch or something. This cafeteria becomes a very fancy and beautiful restaurant. The ones where rich people eat at." She showed me the same place I once called cafeteria.

When I first saw the cafeteria I thought it already looked cool and fancy. But when Melinda showed me the same place I once called cafeteria it looked like a very expensive restaurant. With long table and very fancy white table cloth. With some gold looking chairs. And gold silver plates.

I was bedazzled.

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