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Zac's pov

"And what talent do you have to own one of my popular buildings?" Mr. Maren said studying me. Never leaving his eyes off mine.

"We own multiple buildings In tourist places like Italy, Dubai, Tokyo, Las Vegas, Toronto, and here in New York. We have great reviews from our customers and 5 stars in our business. We are known all around the world. And I'm the CEO that controls all of that. If I say so myself I have a lot of talent to own one of your popular buildings." I smiled.

My parents were looking at me proudly and my sister smiling.

My mom thinking you finally did it son. After all those hard work, it paid off.

My dad I knew you were the right heir.

My sister well, well, I'm proud little brother.

"Well, I guess we have a deal." Mr. Maren stood up. He was a few inches shorter than me. "Congratulations Mr. Maliffa, you officially own MAREN, one of our popular buildings." He shook my hand while smiling. People were clapping.

I was proud, very proud of myself. But still I still had a painful hangover that I'm pretty sure we'll be here with me for the rest of the day.

Maine's pov

For some reason my heart was beating fast. My forehead were sweating. Every single sound made me jump. Why am I so nervous? I've served before. But this was important.


"If anyone of you fail this, you will have pay it off by cleaning all the washrooms in this building! And that is 16 washrooms in total. In a week you'll be working the kitchen, cleaning all the dishes." Mr. Rose said in a very demanding form. His silver glasses shining in our eyes.

All of us gulped.

"Yes, sir." We 5 said in sync.


I can't fail this now. Thinking of cleaning all the bathrooms made me have goosebumps. And washing the dishes? I was a very clumsy person.

Who am I even thinking?

What I said to Mr. Rose earlier that day. That I used to serve at restaurants. Me serving in restaurants? That was a complete fail. Every serve I either trip on my own feet. Broken the dishes. I was a hopeless person.

Why did I agree to this?

Then suddenly the two doors of the now fancy restaurant bust open. Guys and girls with tuxedoes and cardigans were all talking. They all seated on the gold chairs. It was all perfect. There were no chairs empty. Except for 5 chairs. The very front seat, and 4 seats besides it.

Suddenly the door opened again, showing, him. And two girls and two guys.

"That's Mr. Maren, who our boss is talking to." Melida shoved me on the elbow with hers.

Mr. Maren was bald and he had glasses, he seemed pretty old, not as old as Mr. Rose though.

Zach sat at the front while Mr. Maren sat besides him on the right side. A girl that had grey wavy hair sat besides Zach on the left. Next to, Emily?

It was the girl I bumped into earlier. She was also sitting beside the guy who called her earlier.

Next to Mr. Maren, was a guy with grey hair.

"Okay girl, it's time to serve." Melida whispered, and made me snap out of my mind.

First were the tea's. There were each 4 cup of tea's on one round golden plate. I was holding both sides of the plate with my hands. "What are you doing?" Melida said.

I look at her and the guys holding the plate with the cup of tea's on there palms.

Okay, woah, how am I suppose to do that without dropping them?!

I had to try my best. What Mr. Rose said was scaring me.

Speaking of Mr. Rose. He was standing besides Zach, but a couple of steps away, just watching all of them with his posture.

Oh shoot, he's watching us!

We started serving and it wasn't that bad. Some didn't like tea so Melida had a plate that had cups full of coffee. I almost dropped the cup of tea on a guy who looked annoyed.

Okay going good so far. I just have to serve, Zach. Try not to make eye contact. I was walking to him when I suddenly tripped on my own feet. And dropped the cup of tea on his pants.

I was going to fall hard on the ground and get everybody's attention when Zach caught me with his arms. I opened my eyes slowly to see Zach staring at me with confusion and annoyance.

I looked around, luckily no one was paying attention to us. Except for Emily who was blocking her mouth while giggling. And the girl besides her glaring at me. While Mr. Maren and the guy besides him, talking to each other.

I stood up quickly and bowed. "I'm sorry." I whispered. I was walking away when I felt someone glaring at me. MR. ROSE!!

I am so dead.

We were done serving the food. Which was steak and a side dish of seafood. I tried not making eye contact to Zach. Even though I could sense that he was looking at me the whole time.

Great, bathroom cleaning here we come!

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