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Thursday 1st July

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Who knew I could hate Tennessee more once we arrived? Considering how low my expectations were, it seems impossible

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Who knew I could hate Tennessee more once we arrived? Considering how low my expectations were, it seems impossible. Yet here we are.

It is so hot all the time that I feel like I'm melting. I don't own a single piece of clothing that isn't permanently stuck to me or see-through. How anyone gets anything done is beyond me. I'm convinced that Lucille has had some sort of procedure to stop her sweating - nothing else explains how she copes with it.

I hate our new neighbour. Daddy says hate is too big a word but I do. I LITERALLY hate him. He is, without a doubt, the rudest person I have ever met. His sense of superiority is so inflated that I'm surprised he can lug his enormous head around. Annoyingly, it seems justified. From what Mother says, he's some sort of honour scholar at school, despite looking like a John Hughes dropout.

The same can't be said for his awful girlfriend. Not only is she a pretentious cow, but she overestimates her intelligence. Quoting radical philosophers and referring to yourself in the third person does not make you smart, Presley. It makes you a tit. Especially when you misquote Gandhi for Marx.

The irony of them for belittling me because they assume I must be stupid is laughable.

Some days I want to prove them wrong and shatter their delusions. But my time is worth more than all of them, and engaging is pointless when all I want to do is distance myself. I'll avoid them like the plague once we get to school, if I can't get back home, that is.

The one silver lining in this whole situation is TJ. He is something else. Even Lissie would go crazy for him if she'd seen him in his trunks. Good god that boy has abs. I'm talking teen movie, chiselled, tanned abs, not the ones that Dad claims he still has beneath the years of shepherd's pies and jam puddings. I dribbled lemonade down my new swimsuit when TJ took his top off yesterday, which sums up how cool I've acted around him all week. Thank god James and Presley were out, neither of them would have ignored it as politely as TJ did.

It's not that I have any hope in hell with him, or even want to. He turns 20 in the Autumn and has a super serious girlfriend at the University of Nashville. It's just nice to be around someone who isn't hellbent on making my life a misery. Despite the fact I can barely hold a conversation around him, TJ has been nothing but kind or welcoming. To all of us.

The worst thing is not having the girls here to cheer me up. Lissie and Lydia would know how to make me feel better about the whole dire situation if they were here. Oscar is even more smug than usual because he's been sucking up to the parentals since we arrived and now he's the prodigal son. If I hear that I should be embracing this exciting new chapter like Oscar one more time, I swear I'll be sick. If only they knew he's only excited about going to school with girls, or saw the gross search history on his laptop. Maybe they'd panic and send us both home.

I can dream.

July goals:

Get home

Get a great tan (If I must be here, I may as well get something out of it)

Keep brushing my hair (It actually looked nice the other day)

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