My Saviors in Blue and Ivory ( 18 )

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We ran into camp and were greeted with only fire and screams. Ty stopped in his tracks and looked around at the fires that engulfed the camp. His face filled with rage as he clinched his fist. Even though the storm was over his lighting flashed in the sky showing his anger. Raikou shared his rider's rage and roar in the sky.

"The dark creatures are still here I can smell their rot," Athena growl.

Ty looked back at me. His eyes held a murderous look in them. Ty was a nice guy there was no denying that but if you hurt something he cares about there would be hell to pay.

"Larisa, get your sword." Ty command coldly.

I nodded at him and ran off to get my sword and shield. The fire and screams raged around me as I ran through the camp. Then faster then I could see a black and white shape came out of nowhere as sliced at my head with its white sword-like arms. I dropped and rolled away from my new enemy.

As my eyes took in it form I remember it as an Askari.

But it wasn't alone six more stood behind the one that just tried to decapitate me

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But it wasn't alone six more stood behind the one that just tried to decapitate me. Great. Just as I was about to summon a fireball a huge valley of fire shoot over my head turning the Askari into ash. I looked over my shoulder to see Athena.

"What? They were going to hurt you."

"You're the best."

" I know."

With my personal flamethrower following me I grabbed my sword but my shield was nowhere to be found. I sighed. My sword will have to do for now. I ran back on the blazing battlefield that was the camp I had called home.

As I was about to mount Athena an ear-piercing roar stopped me. I recognized it as a dragon, but it wasn't Raikou's. I mounted Athena wearily as I hoped that this new dragon was on our side.

"Worry not, Larisa. If this new dragon poes a threat to you I will depose of it."

"Let's hope it doesn't come to that."

"But if it does we must do prepared."


Athena spread her wings and pushed herself off the ground with her powerful legs. My hair whipped in the wind as I looked down at the burning camp. The dragon's roar ripped through the sky once more. It sounded like it was angry. Athena flew in the direction of the roar to find its source. When we arrived we were only greeted with more of the camp that was burning intensely.

Athena laid gracefully on the ground and rise her nose to the air as I dismounted off her back.

"The dragons smell is here but I smell something else. It's masking the dragon's scent."

"What is it?"

Before Athena could respond I got my answer. A rageful scream filled the air and the ground shook. Though the trees the black creature appeared. Its long black snake-like body and peering blood-red eyes with venomous snakes for hair.

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