Chapter 32

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Ariana's POV

I rolled my eyes as the girl behind the counter batted her fake eyelashes at Xavier. Cant she see he's here with someone, like hello, I'm standing right here. Stop flirting with him.

I don't know why but my blood boiled when I saw her passing him a napkin; her number. Xavier stood oblivious to what was happening as he gazed down at me, asking about what I would like to have.

I glared at the girl as I ordered cookie dough. Cant she see he's here with someone! Way to be desperate.


"C'mon Ariana! stop denying your feelings for him. It's obvious you both like each other" Emma said from the other line. After coming back from Ice-Cream shop with Xavier, the first thing I did was to call Emma to discuss about strange feeling I got today when I saw that girl ogling at Xavier.

That strange feeling, from Emma's point of view, is 'jealousy'.

"He doesn't like me, Em. For God's sake! He would never go for someone like me" I argued. Xavier Knight? Liking me? Hah, as if.

"How dumb can you actually be? God, the way Xavier looks at you, it's like you mean the world to him. You never notice it but every time you look away, he is looking at you. No guy would get all that sweet stuff just because you are sad, or no one would go to every single teacher just to ask for the homework or no guy would go through all the shit just to record lessons for you," she paused before continuing

"He would have never stayed with you all night taking care of you and sacrificing his sleep just to make sure you never get nightmares again. No one would do that unless they like you" she ranted

"Wait, what are you even talking about?"

Xavier went through shit just to record lessons for me? I thought he only did that because he was bored.

"Look, my point is that he might not know it yet but he has a huge crush on you and you like him too. You are just in denial," I heard shuffling on the other line "we are going to a house party tonight, be ready by 7, not gonna take no for an answer and I gotta go now. Bye, Love you!" The line went dead before I could protest.

Guess I'm going to a party tonight.


I stared at my reflection in the mirror. The girl standing in front of me didn't look like me at all. That girl looked.... hot. Yeah, nothing like me at all. I wore a simple black dress with full sleeves. The dress ended till my mid thigh. My makeup wasn't really extreme, just a natural look.

I looked at black heels I wore. The only thought running through my mind was 'I hope I don't trip in these heels'.

For the first time in my life, I actually wanted to impress Xavier.  Emily's words kept running through mind the whole day and I realised that I, in fact, had feelings for Xavier Hunter Knight. I like him and there is no denying in that. Not anymore.

The real question wasn't if I liked Xavier or not, the real question was does Xavier like me? For as long as I have known him, all I can say is that  he plays with girls and I don't want to end up being one of those girls. I can't fall for him knowing that in the end, he's only gonna hurt me.

Even though  I knew how much of a player he was, I couldn't help myself. I fell for him. I will only end up getting hurt, I know that. What if I'm not in love with Xavier, but in love with the thought of being in love?

A lot of what ifs ran around my head and before I knew it, I heard Emma's car in the driveway. I quickly grabbed my phone and made my way downstairs. Just as I was on the last step, I tripped.

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