Chapter Ten

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"You mean to tell me that you told the Liam Coleman that you don't want to be friends with him?" Lisa questioned.

Steph and I were filling her in on everything that happened in the days she was sick.

"I don't want to get dragged into bad stuff." I explained.

Lisa looked at me like I was crazy as she took a bite of her sandwich.

"You should've seen how angry he was after she had the talk with him yesterday." Steph spoke up.

I rolled my eyes, "He was only mad because he thought everyone liked him, and now he knows that's not true."

Steph shook her head, "He looked hurt, and have you noticed how different he's been acting since the talk?"

"Yeah I was wondering why he's wearing a leather jacket and hanging out with that blonde girl. He's really embracing his image as the bad boy." Lisa added.

I sighed, "I asked him about that this morning, he basically just said that since he's the bad boy he might as well act like it."

After that we went back to eating and just chatting about random things. That is until Leo showed up.

"Wanna hang out this weekend?" He asked, taking a seat beside me.

No hello, just straight to the point.

"Me?" I asked, pointing to myself, "Why?"

"I have a thing for redheads, remember?" He explained, twirling a piece of my hair around his finger.

"I don't know." I hesitated.

Should I hang out with him? I don't want to be a hypocrite since I just told Liam that I didn't want to be his friend, but Leo isn't into all that bad stuff.

"C'mon Emma. Please." Leo begged, giving me an adorable puppy dog look.

I opened my mouth to gently say no but Lisa spoke before I could.

"She'd love to."

I gave her a look that said 'I'm going to kill you.'

"Perfect, I'll pick you up at noon on Saturday." Leo told me before getting up and walking off to Liam's table.

Once he was out of hearing range I turned my attention to Lisa.

"Why would you do that?"

"He's cute, Lisa did you a favour." Steph commented.

"You guys suck." I grumbled, crossing my arms stubbornly like a child.

"Hey Lisa, you excited for your date tomorrow?" Steph asked, thankfully changing the subject.

Lisa nodded, a wide smile forming on her lips.  She's so excited.

If Devin Cook hurts her I'll slip some kind of drug into his water bottle every day until there's a random drug test, just so he gets kicked off the football team.

He hurts someone I love, I'll take away something he loves.

The bell ringing broke me out of my devious thoughts and I got all my stuff together and said a quick "Bye." to the girls before hurrying to class.

Just as I was about to walk through the door, someone pulled me back and turned me around to face them.

Liam was glaring down on me and spoke before I could, "Stay the hell away from Leo."

My eyes widened in shock at how angry he looked.

"Did you hear me?" He demanded when I didn't say anything, his anger growing.

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