Chapter 33

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She took in his serene face while he slept. They went at it till the wee hours of the morning, whispering 'I love you' every chance they could get. Her man really was something else. Unable to resist herself, she gently stroked his thick lush hair.

That in turn caused him to sub consciously tighten his arm around her waist, and he smiled at her touch, loving the feel of it. 

"Mmm good morning baby." Talen smiled with his eyes still closed.

Kat brought herself closer to him, and let her fingers roam around his muscle contoured back. Enjoying herself thoroughly, she purred "Good morning to you too."

"Let's just stay in bed all day. Or until we get really hungry." he said enjoying her touch.

"I sure as hell don't mind that." she sighed.

They did just that. Other than a quick shower, together of course, they never left bed after wards. They talked and talked and talked until their stomachs grumbled. Even then, Talen picked up his phone and called for take out.

"I have to fly back to L.A tomorrow. I've got a taping." she sat on his carpeted floor, sitting in his oversized t-shirt eating chicken chow mein.

"I'll have to be here another week, then fly off to Beijing for a meeting there, for another week."

"Wow, so today's the last day i'll spend time with you." she pouted.

"I know.. we may not have the conventional relationship, but I hope that you'll give it a shot." Talen felt guilty for that. 

"Hey, it's alright. We'll get through it. Hell most couples don't spend all their time together anyway." she waved him off. Sure it sucked big time not being able to see your boyfriend. Talen clearly wasn't the normal boy friend anyway. He owned his own multimillion dollar company, he had a lot on his plate.

"What will you be doing on your birthday, seeing that I'll be away for it." he said casually.

"Oh crap. My birthday? Wow, it really did slip my mind. I'm not sure yet, probably go to Cabo or something." she shrugged.

"I remember the last time you went to Cabo, and we had a huge fight because I said something stupid." 

"Yea, really stupid and then the girls and went and got....Never mind." she stopped half way.

"Got what..? You so made out with another guy didn't you?!" he said feigning anger.

"I.. Yes. Yes I did ok. But I was really mad at you." she whined.

"Could you maybe go to a place that doesn't require you to wear anything revealing? Maybe go skiing in Switzerland or something. You'll wear tons of layers of clothing..." he said, causing her to throw a pillow playfully at him.

The following day, she bid goodbye to her nana, and at the airport, Talen and her were stalked by the paparazzi.

"So.. I guess I'll see you when I get back from Beijing. I'm sorry I'll be missing out on your birthday." he put his arm around her waist, something she grew accustom to.

"It's alright. Go make millions of dollars." she laughed at kissed him.

The shutter of the cameras went off non stop. 

"I love you Kat." he whispered as they hugged each other.

"I love you too. I'll call you once I land." she said and walked through the gates.


"Make way, make way. Someone had wild sex all night long yesterday." Claire joked.

"Yes, and you have jealousy written on your forehead. Go seduce Matthew already." Kat threw some flour at her.

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