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Several hours later, bandaged and sleeping properly, Vincent left Leanna in their room and headed down into the basement, rolling up his sleeves and opening the last cell, where the rogue sat, halfway healed.

At that sight, Vincent lost it and snarled, picking him up and slamming him hard into the concrete wall.

"What do you want with my mate?" he snapped, his eyes black.

The rogue laughed, "He's coming for her. He's gonna take her back and slaughter you all."

"Isn't that what he tried last time? The fire nearly killed her, not me. Whose room did you think it was? Are all you rogues that stupid?" he growled, tossing him away and slipping on a glove, grabbing a silver blade. "Now, tell me where your 'community' is or I start taking fingers. Now."

The rogue laughed manically and ran at him, screaming. Vincent held his hand out and caught him in the chest with the silver blade, the smell heavy in the air.

"We didn't set the fire. But he's going to come for her. And you're all going to die," the rogue laughed, coughing up blood as he slid against the wall, going limp.

"Someone clean this mess up!" Vincent snarled and turned, ripping off the glove and going upstairs, glaring at anyone who even glanced his way.

He approached Rick who was mid-flirt with a pack member.

"Rick, enough. I need you to double the border guards and I need to find out where they were and how a rogue got so far into our property and nearly killed their Luna and my Mate. Bring me whoever is responsible. GO!" he snapped, his eyes midnight black.

"Got it, boss. You know, you really need to relax. It's not like she's dead or anything," Rick smiled easily, wrapping his arm around the girl who was staring at her feet, away from her Alpha's judging glare.

"I am not in the mood, Rick. You've badmouthed her for far too long. She's your Luna, get over it or I'll find someone else for your position. I won't hesitate to knock you off that high horse you ride on," Vincent warned, his wolf aching for a reason to come out and tear him a new one.

When matters settled, he would need to find a new a Beta. Rick was an incompetent ladies man with no respect. That would no longer fly with Vincent. He was back now with no plans to leave in the near future. 

Things were going to change drastically.

He walked outside and whistled lowly, calling every single pack member's attention. They came forward, immediately dropping what they were doing and knelt.

"The issue with rogues has gotten out of hand. And because of this, all teenagers who are fourteen, boys and girls, will be trained for Border Patrol. The wolves chosen for this clearly cannot understand basic instructions so the children will be joining them. Proper training for those under fourteen will begin at the age of ten. When the new group arrives, their children will receive the same training. This will be in effect starting next week."

Vincent watched them all, the parents hugging their children, the teenagers with looks of fear on their faces.

He shook his head and headed inside, feeling defeated as he dragged himself up the stairs and to his bedroom, kicking off his shoes and watching his mate sleep.

The bruises on her skin had worsened and her breathing was still shaky from the ribs. 

"What the hell am I doing?" he whispered, sinking down into the couch and rubbing his face, his wolf whining, urging him to slip into the bed and hold her. 

He fought against it and walked to the cabinet, grabbing the bottle of Jack and taking a deep swig of it, sitting himself on the couch, closing his eyes.

When he opened them again, the sun was coming up, bringing light to the dark room. Groaning, he rubbed his eyes, the empty bottle of Jack on the couch. Vincent sat up, looking back at Leanna who was sitting up, staring at him.

Noticing he was awake, she pushed back the covers and shuffled toward the end of the bed, slipping off. He blinked, a little confused until he remembered everything and rushed toward her.

"You shouldn't be walking," he grabbed hold of her as she stumbled, her wounded leg giving in.

"I'm..okay," she whispered, her green eyes looking up at him, taking his breath away.

Just how busy had he been that he'd forgotten the full effect her eyes had on him?

He cupped her face, drawing her in to him, "No you're not. You need to rest and heal. Wolfsbane is currently circulating through your bloodstream."

"I know," she nodded, pushing back her dark hair that was sticking to her overheated skin, her hands grabbing onto his arms.

"I know you were drinking last night. I'm a light sleeper," she explained, limping over to the couch and picking up the bottle, dumping it in the trash.

"Alcohol doesn't solve anything. It just delays the problem," she admonished, shaking her head. 

He nodded, watching as she walked around the room, his eyes trained on her leg.

"I think you should mark me after I heal. I couldn't...reach you yesterday. There was too much interference. And I'd be able to get important messages to you without anyone else hearing," she explained nervously.

Vincent was silent for a long while and she'd begun to think he'd given up. She sat on the couch, hugging herself, watching as he approached her and knelt down in front of her.

"Anything for you."

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