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You were shivering a little.

???: looks like somebody is a little scared.

You looked to your right and saw the boy again with a weird look in his eyes.

You looked to your right and saw the boy again with a weird look in his eyes

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???: I suppose you still don't know my name, it's V.

Jungkook: so can I now suck ur blood?

Rm: *slaps Jungkook*

Y/N: *stays silent and looks down with a scared face*

You felt someone getting closer to your ear.
Jimin: *whispers* why so scared?
V: ey get away from her she is mine!

You felt someone pull you closer to him.

Jin: ey cut it out the both of you,she is all ours.

When you heard that you started to shiver and you felt that you were crying a little.
You closed your eyes for a second and when you opend then you we're sitting in a bedroom(it looked a little bit girly).

V: well now we are all alone.

You looked around and you saw V who was still holding you.

Jimin: well I'm still here too.

You looked to the bed and Jimin was laying on it.

V:*sighs* well fine then.

Jimin and V smirked
You were still frozen and crying.

Jimin: I've waited long enough let's get a little drink.
V: agree.

Jimin crawled closer to you and then to your neck (the right side)
V came closer to your neck too (to the left side)

You closed your eyes in fear and you felt a sharp pain on both sides of your neck.
You struggled to get free from V's grip but he just pulled you thither.

V: don't even bother.
Jimin: your blood really is delicious.

They started to suck again. And you felt yourself slowly fading away.....

You woke up after a while and you saw nobody in the room.
You looked at the bed and there were blood stains, probably of your blood.

You felt your neck on both sides and you felt holes but the blood already dried.
Y/N: ughh why does this have to happen to me *sighs*

You got if your bed and walked to the door.
You opened it and you looked in the hallway. There was no one so you got out of your room and you walked around.

Y/N: *thinks* should I run away from here? It's dangerous being here with vampires but outside of here I have no one.
To be continued
Hey readers. What must Y/N do? Run away or stay? It's your choice. (Btw if no one says what she needs to do I am not continuing this ff)

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