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Fourteen - Fool-proof Plan

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The students are gathered in one spot, and when I enter my class, the first thing I see is Dray Carter flexing his muscles and showing off his brawns. I roll my eyes, hugging my books closer to my chest and stepping into the pit of doom. 

Yes, you guessed it ... Calculus!

Dun, dun, dun!

As you can see, after the entire cry-baby episode that kind of freaked my dad out, I've gone back to being my usual socially-awkward-but-pretending-to-be-a-total-badass-queen self. Nobody sees the vulnerable side of me -- except my dad -- and I had put on my mascara and my sunniest sweater, and strutted into school like I owned the place.

I sense movement beside me, and look around to see the familiar face and black clothes of Xavier Hunt, who is officially the most amazing person I have ever met. After my dad, of course. 

He glances my way, one side of his lips twisting upwards in what I assume is a smile, and my own lips curl into what I'm sure is the goofiest smile any girl can ever give a boy she likes. He probably thinks so too, because Xavier's smile widens.

"Xavier Hunt?" 

The summon from behind us makes not only Xavier and I turn towards the source of the voice, but also catches the attention of the crowd. 

"The counselor wants to see you," says a guy who I recognize from the school admin office but don't know the name of.

Oh, my God, the counselor wants to see Xavier? 

Wait, it's probably just the school counselor and not the counselor of the state.

Silly me.

Without glancing my way again -- even though I want him to -- Xavier leaves the classroom after the admin-dude. I want to follow them, but the teacher enters the class and closes the door behind her.

Scowling, I turn towards the front of the class, making my way towards my seat.

"Time for the emo freak's therapy!"

Dray's voice catches my attention, and my gaze snaps in his direction as everyone laughs.

"They should kick him out already," he smirks. "Hunt is nothing but a bad influence. He's probably on drugs anyway. I saw him around that rehab the other day."

Hearing his comments and all the people who mutter their agreement with his opinion, my temper begins to rise. I have half a mind to kick Dray Carter where the sun doesn't shine, resisting the temptation because the teacher is opening her drawers and pulling out her books.

What I do, however, is bow my head and pass Dray by ... not before I accidentally step on his shoe with my heel, hoping to crush at least a few of his toes.

He cries out in pain, snatching his foot from underneath mine.

"Oops, sorry," I say innocently. "Didn't see you there."

His face flushes red, but he doesn't cuss me out, fooled by the adorable smile I give him. Instead of complaining though, he follows me to my seat. Limping, to my satisfaction.

"Hey, Haley, you know prom's coming up," he says, leaning one arm over the back of my seat and bending over me so that his onion-breath fans my face.

Ever heard of personal space, dude?

"I know, Dray, I come to school just as much as you do," I say, wrinkling my nose and leaning back to avoid the disgusting odor. 

"Well, what do you say you and I go together?" he wiggles his eyebrows so that they look like dancing worms.

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