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When class begins, the classroom became my territory. I was always the one volunteering as also the teacher's favorite. However, during Mr. Saltzman's class, the one class I have with Elena, Bonnie and Caroline, those three made sure I feel left out. And, since Mr. Saltzman is Elena's guardian, he has no choice but to pick them over me—no matter if he's playing favorites.

Speaking of which, Bonnie and I are currently having a silent debate over who gets to answer the question. Our hands were raised up in the air; I raised mine first, but, I can feel a murderous aura emitting from Bonnie Bennett.

"Bonnie." Of course. Why am I even surprised?

"The French Mississippi Company were the ones who founded New Orleans. It's why most establishments are named as so." Bonnie discreetly turned to face me and gave a spiteful smirk. I duck my head down with my fists clenched under the table. The bell rang as my last class of the day finally ended. I gathered my things and left before any of them could torment me. Yet, I didn't see Caroline stick her foot out causing me to trip. My chin collided with the tiled-floor and my arms hit the ground with a loud crack. My things flew all over the place and, as I looked up, I saw everyone laughing at me.

A stinging sensation snapped me out of my daze. I looked down and saw blood dripping from my chin.

"Shit," I muttered. I tried to stand but I slipped on the way. I felt arms catch my fall and I saw Matt Donovan supporting my back.

"You really need to go to the nurse's office," He said, "That wound looks nasty," I only nodded in response. He helped me up and began collecting my things.

"Y-you don't need to do that," I told him, bending down to help.

"Yeah, Matt, it's not worth it. Just leave her alone," Bonnie stated from behind us.

"She's a big girl. Literally," Elena added. Tears welded up in my eyes. I dropped my things and ran to the bathroom before they could see me cry. By the time I got in a cubicle, I sobbed my heart out. They knew my weight was one of my insecurities. I wasn't fat but I definitely didn't have a model-like body either.

I spent the next 30 minutes crying on the bathroom floor. My wound stopped bleeding, but it still stung like a bitch. Once I was done, I stayed a few minutes more. I heard the bathroom door open, only to hear the three people who loved to push me around.

"Nice one, Care. That trip really did a number on her," Elena.

"Did you guys hear a crack? I think she broke a wrist," Bonnie. Well, she wasn't wrong. The fall broke my right wrist and bruised my arms.

"I can't believe I live with that thing," Caroline stated in disgust, "Can't wait 'til Damon or some random vampire sucks her dry,"

"Why can't you?" Elena asked, "I mean, perks of being a vampire, right?"

"Mom and I made a deal. I gave her my word that I won't vamp-harm her and she'll make sure she's out of my hair,"

"Hey, Stefan just texted me," Bonnie butted in, "Oh, God!"

"What?" Elena exclaimed.

"Bon-bon, what's wrong?" Caroline asked, worried.

"The Mikaelsons' are back in town," 

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