Chapter 23

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Day of Meet

Ivy's P.O.V

We arrived at a resturant called Mainstream, it was my absoulte favourite and had the best traditional Italian pasta. My smile must have given away my excitment because next to me Liam chuckled.

"You approve?" I nodded my head, my smile never leaving my face, "I'm glad," he said.

"It's my favourite resturant actually, my dad used to take me here once every two weeks for father-daughter bonding time. This place is amazing, they have the best food." Liam smiled, he looked relieved, possibly because he picked the best place to have dinner. Liam got out the car and I was about to do the same before he practically ran to my door and opened it.

"For you, M'lady," my eyebrows shot up to my hairline, no guy had ever opened my door for me before. I stepped out the car, quite shocked at the small gesture that warmed my heart, "seems chivalry isn't dead after all."

Once we stepped inside I had to stop and appreciate my surroundings. I hadn't been inside this resturant for nearly three years, I hadn't realised how much I actually missed it. I closed my eyes and just stood there, breathing in the amazing smells from the kitchen and enjoying the lively atmosphere.

When I opened my eyes Liam was looking at me with a cute lopsided smile and it was then that I realised he had dimples. Liam extended his hand to me and without further question I took it. In no more than two minutes we reached the front of the line and the waitress escorted us to a booth right next to the windows. The booths were private and comfy and gave an 1980s vibe which I absoultely adored.

"You look beautiful," Liam told me as we were seated. I felt the blush rise up my neck to my cheeks and then to the very tips of my ears, I probably resembled a tomato.

"Thanks, you too," once I realised what I said I backtracked, "wait I mean you look handsome, not that you don't look beautiful because you do I just mean, um, that you, well, uh-" Liams beautiful laugh cut of my ramblings, "Don't worry Ivy, I get what you mean. Thank you."

The rest of the night went perfectly. We ate the most amazing pasta as we joked around and learnt more about each other. I learnt that Liam loves basketball, is a huge MasterChef fan and owns two cats, Moon and Sun. It was amazing being with Liam, he made me laugh and smile throughout the entire night, I didn't want it to end.

Looking at Liam feelings started to bubble to the surface and no matter how hard I tried to push them down they kept coming back up, screaming to be let out. It was only early days but I couldn't help but think how beautiful his smile was, or how blue his eyes were or how sexy his dimples were. He was a kind man that opened doors and laughed at my jokes. And that's when it hit me... I had a crush on my phone bubby.


Sorry for the late update but I hope you enjoy this chapter! xx

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