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Maine's pov

The lunch went great. But unfortunately Mr. Rose said it wasn't the best so he told us to clean bathrooms. One bathroom for me and Melida and the three boys one bathroom and Mr. Rose assigned us to specific ones.

I was finally leaving the cafeteria. A couple minutes ago Mr. Maren and his staff left.

When I pushed the doors open and left, suddenly someone grabbed my wrist and pinned me to the wall.

I look at who it was, an angry Zach.

"Why the hell were you serving?!" He whispered-yell. He was so close to my face. And then I notice no one was here in the main lobby, even the girls at the front desk weren't here.

"They didn't have enough staff, so Mr. Rose told me too." I said in a high pitch voice. Why am I scared?

I opened my eyes to see him move farther away from my face and sighs. "I'm sorry, it's just." He didn't continue.

"It's just what?"

"Nothing, never mind, you may go." He released my hands.

Then he left, leaving me there in shock. What just happened?"

An hour later

"Okay, Melida, I'm ready." I slide my rubber gloves in my hands. I sunk the mop in some water and started mopping the floor. Then I changed all the toilet papers in each and every stall. I cleaned the mirrors and the sinks. Then last but not least I had to clean the toilets.

"I don't think I can do it." I tried to look at the toilets but I looked away.

"Come on girl, you can do it." Melida said through the one earphone in my ear which can make us talk to each other while cleaning. So we didn't have to face it alone.

She was also cleaning another bathroom on the floor above me.

"You can talk since your not cleaning a boys bathroom!" I screeched. Why did I have to open my big mouth and say I used to serve?!

She nervously laugh from the other line. "Well, it was Mr. Rose decision remember? When you accidentally spilled tea on our bosses pants." She made it sound like it was the right thing I was cleaning a boys bathroom.

"Ughh, don't even remind me about that." I rolled my eyes.

I finally had the guts to start cleaning the toilet.

"By the way may I ask a question?"

"What?" I was grossed out I wish I had a blindfold.

"Do you hate or had some type of relationship with our boss for you to hate him?"

"I didn't say I hate him." Oh she was wrong. I don't hate him, I despise him!

"Well it just seems like it."

After a couple minutes of us talking about other things than my ex, I heard her say. "Done!"

"Lucky." I tried to sound happy but deep inside I'm dreading this moment.

"Well I'll be going downstairs to the cafeteria I'm sure the others are done too." She made it sound like I was a slow worker.

"Okay, bye." I ended the call.

There were only one toilet left. Boys are disgusting!

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